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Thank You The Regular Guys For Pranking The Media Once Again


Apparently, most of the mainstream media has not learned to fact-check their news stories.  After the Jimmy Kimmel Sochi wolf prank last week, you would think the media would check their sources before rushing to publish that news story.  But nope, someone has pranked the media once again with a hoax!  And the mainstream media keeps getting worse.  My question is this, who does the media organizations hire?  You would actually think the media would fact-check and check their sources.  Instead of being the first to hit that publish button so the story shows up on the search engines higher than everyone else.

Last week, the Rock 100.5 radio show The Regular Guys created a fake social media profile called the “Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition.”  The radio show crew member Tim Andrews, played a rep for the group named Harold White.  And interns from the radio show pretended to be concerned citizens in front of the potential mansion Justin Bieber was going to buy.  And as you guessed it, most major media organizations from around the world actually picked up this story.

The fake Harold White was getting interview requests from CNN, TMZ, the BBC, and many more media outlets.  And of course, many radio stations were wanting to interview Harold White as well.  On Monday morning, a fake protest was held in Buckhead.  That was covered by all Atlanta TV stations and a couple of hit music stations as well.  And here is the sad part, over 45,000 news stories were written about the Justin Bieber protest, and that my friends, is an embarrassment.

So the media has not learned their lesson yet?  Just like in that post I wrote last week, media, you need to quit making fun of yourselves!  Most media has become a vast wasteland of who can get that story out the fastest, without first checking to see if that story has any substance.  Yes, the media is compromising the quality of their work to put out junk stories faster and more often.  The media should be ashamed of themselves.  And even Justin Bieber is embarrassed of this situation, he even tweeted this.

I guess the mainstream media is never going to learn about taking the time to make sure the story has merit before hitting the publish button.  Media should never rush a story out just so the story can rank high on the search engines.  Maybe this will finally be the wakeup call the media needs to actually put out real stories that people should care about.  Everyday, more and more people are becoming more skeptical of the media, and it includes Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and most left and right media sources.  Instead of criticizing another political figure, why not talk about someone who is trying to make the world better?  Instead of talking about another celebrity figure who is in trouble with the law, why not talk about a person who is changing the way kids learn?  Instead of talking about why a certain group of people are bad for America.  Why not talk about people who are trying to find the cure of a certain disease?

The media needs to change their focus on what they report!  I believe the media is somewhat responsible for the dividing of this country.  The media needs to quit criticizing one party or one group of people.  The media just needs to report the news!  The media needs to fact-check every story!  The media needs to be credible, and quit reporting these junk stories that does not deserve the light of day!  Come on media, actually report something people needs to care about!  Until the media actually changes their focus, the late night comics and radio stations will continue making fun of you!  And people will continue to shake their heads!  Maybe the mainstream media will actually look at hiring people who will actually fact-check and check sources.  Guess what, I am available!  Check out my visual resume below.

Good job The Regular Guys and Rock 100.5 for pranking the media once again.  The media needs to be taken down and put out stories and things that people will actually care about once again.  Who cares about celebrities and stories that will get the most web traffic and ad revenue.  Let’s talk about people and stories that people needs to care about!

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