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A Horror Story: Thoughts And Comments About The Anniston ACTS Trolley System

So I have gotten a lot of people talking about what I said last night.  I uploaded a video talking about the problems I experience with the Anniston ACTS Trolley system.  And […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Let’s Make Mass Transit Free

So should mass transit be free?  The YouTube channel City Beautiful talks about why all mass transit should be free.  This idea of free mass transit is not as crazy as you might […]

See How Edmonton Is Making Bus Riding A Cool And Hip Thing To Do

More mass transit systems needs to do this!  The Edmonton ETS Bus Service made a trailer showing how riding the bus and using mass transit is cool!  From a cool bus driver, […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Why The Anniston Trolley System Could Be Better

There has been plenty of discussions about the mass transit system here in Anniston/Oxford.  The Anniston Trolley system is run by the East Alabama Regional Planning Commission.  The ACTS trolley system consists […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Is Southern Suburban Sprawl Killing Us?

Here is a great question to ask yourself, is suburban sprawl in the south in cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Birmingham, and others killing us?  According to a study from the University […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The New Transportation For America

The organization Transportation For America is something I love!  You know why?  Because they focus on more than building more roads for car drivers.  As you should know, strong local economies are […]

Why I Hate The New Atlanta Braves Stadium Location

Veterans Day is proving to be a huge surprise to the Atlanta Metro.  Today, the Atlanta Braves announced they would build a new $672 million stadium in Cobb County.  The stadium is being […]

The T-SPLOST Vote in Georgia

Today in Georgia is election day for municipal races.  But in the state another vote is taking place that could change the road landscape of Metro Atlanta and Georgia.  Voters in Georgia will vote […]

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