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Disability Awesome: Mark Rober’s Truth About His Son

Welcome to Disability Awesome. Each week, this post will feature a person or persons with mental and / or physical disabilities who are doing awesome things! As someone with an disability, I […]

The Evening Post: World’s Longest Field Goal – Robot Vs NFL Kicker

YouTuber Mark Rober made a Field Goal Kicking Robot and had it go against the NFL longest field goal record holder Matt Prater.  See who wins below! Click to rate this post! […]

Science Mondays: Glitterbomb 3.0 Vs. Porch Pirates

It’s never okay to take a package off of someone’s porch if it’s not yours!  But some idiots out there are still porch pirates.  YouTuber Mark Rober made his third version of […]

Foodie Saturdays: Feeding Bill Gates A Fake Burger (To Save The World)

We know that the plant based meat burgers are growing in popularity and are much healthier for people and the planet.  So what does Bill Gates think of the Impossible Burger?  The […]

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