Sunday Discussion: Discussions About The Paris Terror Attacks, Defeating ISIS, And Islamaphobics

Friday afternoon here in the United States, everything was going just okay.  I was thinking about the weekend, I was working on things related to the Geek Alabama website, and I was […]

9-11-01 13th Anniversary / Plus Why Sending Combat Forces To Defeat ISIS IS A No Go

NOTE:  This post reflects on the 9/11 attacks, and talks about my opinions on the ISIS threat, this is one of the few times I get political on Geek Alabama, enjoy! On […]

Animation Monday: Archer Season Five And Chozen Premieres on FX

Tonight on FX, you will get to see some great adult animation!  Yep, these shows are not for kids!  Archer season five premieres at 10 pm Eastern / 9 pm Central.  And […]

Animation Monday: Archer

Here’s a post I want to write!  If you have not seen an episode of Archer on FX, are you living under a rock?  Archer is an animated sitcom made in Georgia […]

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