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Sunday Discussion: Discussions About The Paris Terror Attacks, Defeating ISIS, And Islamaphobics

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Friday afternoon here in the United States, everything was going just okay.  I was thinking about the weekend, I was working on things related to the Geek Alabama website, and I was thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and the Christmas season coverage coming up.  But, at about 4 pm Central, I looked at the notifications on my phone, and saw the news that there was shootings in Paris.  I continued to look at the coverage throughout Friday night, and by the end of the night, we learned that over 120 people were killed and about 1000 people were injured.

France has imposed border checks at their borders, and they have blamed ISIS for the attacks.  Heck, one of the attackers was found with a Syrian passport.  Yep, one of the attackers was among the thousands of refugees who walked towards Northern Europe.  So, let’s get one thing across right now.  This terrorist attack in Paris is horrible news for those from Syria, Iraq, and other countries who have been torn apart by fighting and war.  This attack will make more across Europe more afraid of those who came from the Middle East.  And, one has to wonder if this attack will result in governments making life harder for those looking for safety in Europe.

I mean, life is already very hard for those coming from the Middle East.  Countries have put up border fences, refugees are living in tents with a cold Winter coming up, refugees are having a hard time finding jobs and housing, more and more people are becoming more hateful to those wanting safety, and for political leaders like in Germany, well there is a very good chance they will be voted out soon, as more people are wanting more controls to refugees coming into Europe.  This terrorist attack in Paris will only add more people who want the refugees to just be kicked out.  My question, where do these people go?

Most of them are coming from Syria, and the people in Syria have had to live with years of war and fighting.  Heck, some people have been chemically gassed in their sleep.  If you have been keeping up with the world news, you have seen the pictures of entire cities leveled.  And for the people who are left, they risk their lives every day to live and not be shot in the street.  In Syria, you have government forces, ISIS, and other forces fighting each other for a survival of the fittest.  So far, the two groups winning the fight are the Syrian government and ISIS.

The Syrian government forces are hardly doing anything, and pretty much don’t care about its people.  They have shot and gassed their own people, and the world governments don’t have the guts to kick out the current Syrian president and let the people start over.  The other group is ISIS, and they have taken over several areas of Iraq and Syria with this radical type of the Muslim faith.  Women have to be fully covered in black clothing, men have to grow beards, if you don’t practice their version of the Muslim faith you risk death, women have been forcibly raped, men who don’t join the fighting are killed, captured people are killed by horrible ways and it’s recorded for the entire world to see, and life is pretty much horrible.

Yes, the United States and Russia are using airplanes to fight back against ISIS.  But, I am afraid this will not be enough.  France has pretty much declared war against ISIS.  And the only way ISIS can be defeated forever, is to put boots on the ground.  I know, I thought at first sending people in harm’s way would not need to happen.  But, if ISIS is not defeated and soon, the terror attacks will continue in France and other European countries.  And yep, the United States might see a terror attack from ISIS.  Who knows, an attack at a football game, concert, or major event with a lot of people?  It could happen if we and other countries don’t have the willpower to fight back and end the ISIS threat forever.

If world governments have the willpower to go in and defeat ISIS forever, the people who have left Syria for a better life can return home.  If not, well I hope you enjoy seeing more people from the Middle East coming to Europe in droves, and continue to see people being trafficked and drowning in the sea.  If the people in Europe want to insure their safety, do something in Syria!  It’s not just people who are wanting to come to Europe to make more money; they are coming to Europe to save their lives!  If something is done to fix the problems in Syria and Iraq, people will feel safe to go back home, and the refugee crisis will slow down and stop.

So I talked about the problems in Syria, now let’s talk about those who thinks all people who are practicing Muslims are people who are planning the next terrorist attack.  After the 9/11 attacks here in the United States, some people began to criticize those who are Muslims.  Heck, even if you looked like someone from the Middle East, just being out in public meant being ridiculed and threatened with their lives.  With the internet getting better and the invention of social media, it won’t take you long to find those who thinks all Muslims are evil people and should be locked up and put away.

After the Paris Terror Attacks, you found many more people on Facebook and Twitter going against anyone who was an practicing Muslim.  I have seen posts of addresses of Muslim centers, I have seen hateful pictures, and I have seen threatening messages from several people.  I call these people who hate Muslim people as “Islamaphobic.”  And with more attacks from ISIS, and lone wolfs who look like those who came from the Middle East, I sadly expect to see more people who will gain the views that those who are Muslims are evil people.

And this is sad really, because 99.9% of those who are practicing Muslims are not evil people!  Heck, there are even a few people who are practicing Christians who are terrorists.  Remember the Oklahoma City and Atlanta Olympic bombings?  In every faith, there will be a very few people who hates everyone else and wants to go out in a blaze of glory, while killing and harming other people.  It happens in the Christian faith, and yes it happens in the Muslim faith as well.  It seems like other people, and certain media people like those on right talk radio, I’m talking to you Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, are wanting to blame every terror attack on the entire Muslim faith.

And because of this, you have more people posting threatening social media posts, hateful pictures, and being hateful to anyone who is practicing the Muslim faith or even being hateful to those who looks like they came from the Middle East.  Let’s get something straight, not all Muslim people or people from the Middle East are evil people.  They just practice a faith that their families are already practicing.  Or for some people, they practice the Muslim faith because they found that faith as the right faith for them.  I am seeing updates on social media saying Muslim people should “convert” to Christianity and accept our views if they want to come to the United States.

Come on people!  If you have looked into world history, you know that forcefully converting people to another faith does not work out very well.  It has led to wars where countless people were killed.  People who are practicing Muslims are good people, they believe in something that most of us here in the United States don’t believe in.  Saying that all Muslim people are evil or are bad people is saying that you are someone who is an “Islamaphobic.”  Heck, these are probably the same people who have never left the United States to travel to other countries and experience other cultures.  You do know there are many other cultures on planet Earth than the one we have here in America, right?  So being hateful to those who are in the Muslim faith is wrong, and you should stop it and right now!

I think if you would get out there and travel to other parts of the world, you would see that other cultures and faiths are not “evil.”  And maybe that is something the media needs to do a better job in doing, telling the stories of other faiths and cultures on this planet.  Maybe doing this will stop the people who are hateful of others just because they look different or practice a different faith.  But, until the world gets ISIS and other terror groups eliminated and taken out, you will continue to see people who are hateful to other cultures and to the Muslim faith.

Let’s wrap up this post by talking about the people in Paris who were harmed by this evil terror attack.  This was a sick act committed by a very few people who don’t care about other people, they just want to harm anyone they want.  It’s going to take a long time for the people in Paris to heal from this, and after the funerals and the recoveries from those injured, I hope France, NATO, European Union, and the United States will get serious, and finally take out ISIS and other terror groups forever.  Doing this would stop those who are against any Muslim follower, and it will make the world a much safer place.

To sum things up, seeing the open movement in Europe, or the Schengen Zone, disappear will throw Europe into chaos and will cause major economic harm.  The only way to ensure an open Europe is to defeat ISIS once and for all.  Get it done, unless you enjoy seeing terror attacks on the continent.

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