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Animation Monday: Archer Season Five And Chozen Premieres on FX

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Tonight on FX, you will get to see some great adult animation!  Yep, these shows are not for kids!  Archer season five premieres at 10 pm Eastern / 9 pm Central.  And the season will start of with a death of an ISIS veteran.  The ISIS will also get in trouble with the FBI with some cocaine.  And of course, Archer will have to deal with people who have problems of their own.  Yep, season five is shaping up to be great!  I am sure you have seen this parody “Danger Zone” video released by FX.

Archer, you are not Top Gun, you are drunk and riding on a children’s toy.  Judging by the animation and this short clip below, season five is going to be another great season in the Archer archives!  Learn more about Archer at:

Also tonight, the new adult animated show Chozen premieres at 10:30 pm Eastern / 9:30 pm Central.  This cartoon from the creators of Archer takes us into the world of rapping, with a gay white rapper as the lead role.  Yep, just the words of that means this is going to be an interesting show.  The cartoon will feature Chozen, who is just out of prison after being framed for a bunch of crimes by a former member of his crew who went on to be one of the rap game’s biggest stars.  Chozen is ready for redemption and a comeback!

Judging by the above video, this is going to be one interesting show.  So far, most of the reviews have not been favorable about Chozen, but I will give it a shot tonight.  Remember, both shows are animated and produced from Floyd County Productions in the Atlanta Metro.  Yep, they are both made in Georgia!  Enjoy this interview from Bobby Moynihan, who voices Chozen.

Learn more about Chozen at:


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