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Best SEO Recruitment Tips For Employers & Candidates

Recruitment strategies have evolved in different sectors and companies, we have one-on-one interviews with additional screening, connecting with professional contacts and sites and so on. Connecting with people have been so much convenient with the digital mediums in store, sites LinkedIn and Behance are playing fields for employers and employees, professionals, specialists and so on where they can showcase their skills, previous experience, prospects, portfolio, CVS and so on.

There are different manpower agencies in the sectors, they are responsible for providing staffing services to employers and clients. Most of their services are immediate and have categories of work durations. If they stumble across any issues, solutions are provided to cater both ends. To know more about staffing agencies, it is best to learn from the leading agencies, view this website for leading recruitment agency.

SEO teams have a make it or break it relationship with recruitment. Usually the cost of hiring an SEO recruiter is pricey and there are many candidates who see this post as a stepping stone to advance higher. There is also the issue of staffing agencies recruiting people who are not preferred according to their SEO performance and experience. Many employers instead look at hiring their own staff to cut down staffing and recruitment expenses.

SEO Recruitment Tips for Employers


Build Trust Between Recruiters

The very premise of hiring an SEO candidate is strict and hence requires candidates who are suitable for the job. Unfortunately, there are some recruiting agencies that are not well-versed in this category. So, you can ask them simple questions related to SEO over the phone before making a move on candidate interviews. There are only two ways this goes down, when they can’t answer the questions and when they can! If they do it’s a good chance they know which candidates to select. If not, the interaction will probably not be worth your time.


Redditors As Potential Staffs

Reddit has been a long time platform for content and exchanges. It is filled with potential SEO candidates as they know the ropes around what makes a content worthwhile. Check out r/forhire for gaining contact with advertising interns, assistant and executive roles. This community forum is a hub for interns and experienced employees.


University Job Boards and Career Services

To find prospective junior staffs, the job boards d career service offered in universities is a great site. The first thing you need to do is establish a connection with an academic institution that could provide your company with a steady stream of staffs in the long run. This is done in most institutions as students are now required to have a lot more experience and skills due to the demanding market.


Connect With SEO Blogs

Make a list of contacts for smaller SEO blogs, these sites cater to interested candidates and setting up camp here with advertisements is a sure way of recruiting candidates who match the standards of the job. In a way, you have to think like marketers and advertisers reeling in target customers into a website or a product brand deal. These blogs have their own style of managing traffic and channeling target customers.


Blacklist Recruiters

Make sure you blacklist recruiters who cannot offer what your company needs. You can safe a lot of time doing this by offering small incentives to staffs who receive cold calls from recruiters and operating a three-strike policy on the recruiters associated with your company. Which basically means, if they send at most three candidates who don’t fit the standards they are cut off.


SEO Recruitment Tips for Candidates


Introducing Yourself As a Prospective Employer

Being a prospective employer means you have reached out to one of the employers – preferably from the department you stand as a candidate for. Make sure you do your research on the company you want to work with and pinpoint the specific department you are interested in working on. Find out the contract of the employer who runs that area. This gives you an advantage against other candidates who have been relying on recruiters.


Attend SEO Events

Networking is the best possible way to get well known as a candidate or to create partnerships with different companies. It improves your social skills and prepares you on a business level. Attending SEO events are a great way to network with future employers and create meaningful connections. Be sure to have your business card ready during interactions and maintain professional etiquette among employers. Try to gather as many business contacts as possible for future updates.


Evaluate Your Skills

Skills are essential for any professional mastery, and employers only look for candidates with specific skill sets that are beneficial. If you are already in a position where your skills are undermined as compared to the income it may be time to look for newer opportunities. But weigh out the benefits you currently have to know what’s at stake. It is advised that you do not give an ultimatum over pay to your boss, even if you received a better offer somewhere else. You instantly cut off their contact and it is better to maintain professional contact.


Subscribe to RSS Feeds

This is another great way to be on the lookout for upcoming job opportunities. Being a subscriber to the RSS feeds of the agencies or companies you wish to work for automatically means you get access to the posts related to job descriptions even before speaking to the recruiters. This prepares you for any upcoming questions, you can self-assess yourself on the skills and experience the description demands and so on.


Take a Closer Look at Your CV

CVS and resumes are the tickets to securing a job, having a polished CV and a scalable resume increases your chances of getting picked. Now there are many other candidates and employees who are competing for the same post so it’s best to focus on what you are good at. Employers are looking for good candidates rather than an overcrowded resume, interpersonal skills also go a long way in setting first impressions. Now if you’re switching roles and departments, you need a good backup to the reason behind and why they should hire you with so and so experience.



Before you get started on your CVS and resumes, go for a deep dive into the job description. Find out what works and doesn’t for your candidacy. Make sure you understand the policies and guidelines of the hiring company and maintain contact with the employers for updates and information. Employers should sought out events and places festered with potential candidates who do reach the standards of the job description.

If budget permits, view this website for leading recruitment agency where the agencies are well equipped to cater any client and employer. With effective recruitment pools and candidate interviews along with systemic approaches to fallbacks from either the employer or employees.


Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.




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