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Aspie Recipes: Strawberry Pizza

It’s Summer time, and that means strawberries are in full season!  So last weekend, I made something with this delicious Summer treat!  How about making a pizza, with strawberries!  There’s no tomato […]

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Aspie Recipes: Stuffed Cheesy Bread

When I order food from Domino’s Pizza, I always get their version of the cheesesticks which is their stuffed cheesy bread.  With each bite, you get a heaping amount of cheese to […]

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Aspie Recipes: Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

I wanted to do a simple and quick recipe that I know you would enjoy.  Why not make some simple homemade sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting on top.  These cookies […]

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Aspie Recipes: Making Homemade Breakfast Pizza

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Lately there has been a spike of breakfast pizza recipe searches on the search engines. So I decided to make my own version of breakfast pizza!  I made my own crust […]

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Aspie Recipes: Making Some Soft Pretzels

I have done this recipe a while back and I guess it’s now a good time to post this!  I wanted to make something that would satisfy my ball park food craving.  And soft pretzels are […]

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Aspie Recipes: Making Homemade Pizza

I am always a big pizza fan and somewhat a pizza addict.  And I have made plenty of homemade pizzas over the last few years.  So I thought why I have not […]

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Aspie Recipes: Making Homemade Bread

I wanted to attempt making my own version of homemade bread.  Homemade bread tastes better and is easy to make.  And you also do not need many ingredients as well.  So here is what […]

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