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Why I Have Been Mostly Ignoring The 2018 Winter Olympics With Tweets

So I want to be honest, I have mostly been ignoring the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  I am doing this mostly because of how divided the United States is.  When the Netherlands won a gold medal, it sent a message to Trump.

When Shaun White won a gold medal, some trashed him because of the handling of the American flag.

Others are trashing Lindsey Vonn because she does not like Trump, like me.

And when Lindsey Vonn won a bronze medal, I had to respect what she did!

But, my tweet became very popular!  A few hundred likes later, and I wanted to respond to some of the comments left from my tweet.


I sadly agree!


Come on now, really?

She has a right to an opinion, and many do not like Trump.

Lindsey can do what she wants.

Quit comparing this to North Korea!

She does not want to see Trump.

Um, everyone can have a say!

Trump is only making the divide worse!

We need gun control!

People are trashing Trump because he is doing a poor job!

Um, an Olympic medal is an amazing achievement!

Thanks for the Snowflake compliments!  I like it!

No irony here!


Come on, Trump failing is great for America and the world too!

So all athletes are retards?  Come on man!

She can say what she wants!

LOL, right!

White House visits are so overrated!

Statues for all!

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