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Come To The Random Acts of Intelligence Show This Friday In Huntsville


Smarter Every Day is bringing us a great show that you should attend this Friday at the US Space and Rocket Center.  Plus, if you like C.G.P. Grey, Numberphile, Minute Physics, and Veritasium, you should come too!  Random Acts of Intelligence will feature five fun and successful educators you find on YouTube.  Here is Destin from Smarter Every Day talking about the event.

In addition to meeting the people behind the popular YouTube channels, you also get to hear some great panel discussions, see some cool science demonstrations, hear some great live music, and be inside the Space and Rocket Center.  And, you can use your ticket to get a discount to see all of the cool space stuff inside the center.

The event takes place on Friday November 14th from 6-8 pm.  The event is being sponsored by Cook’s Pest Control, Hall Albright Garrison and Associates, Rocket 95.1, and Star 99.  The event is being held in the Davidson Center for Space Exploration • Saturn V Hall.  And this is a first of its kind gathering in the Rocket City.  Tickets are $42 each.

To learn more about the event, and to purchase tickets, go to:  http://www.actsofintelligence.com/

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