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The Evening Post: The Decline Of Chuck E. Cheese’s…What Happened?

Chuck E. Cheese’s has filed for bankruptcy, a headline some never wanted to see.  But let’s be honest here, if you don’t have any kids, why go there?  This video From the […]

Sunday Discussion: Nickelodeon – The Rise and Fall

Ah, I am sure all the Millennials out there remember the classic Nickelodeon and the great variety of shows that would come on.  But today, is Nickelodeon even the same?  Many people […]

Learn Why Dollar General Is So Successful

They are everywhere, and you can find many of your everyday products in them.  Dollar General has been growing rapidly across America, and you can find them much closer to your home […]

Sunday Discussion: Hot Topic – Why They’re Successful

There’s one store found mostly in malls that is very popular with teenagers, young adults, and geeks and nerds.  Anyone who’s visited Hot Topic at their local mall knows that it’s unlike […]

Explore And Find Out What Happened To MoviePass

Come on now.  You think a service could come along, allow anyone to watch an unlimited amount of movies at a theater, and pay one low price per month?  You really think […]

The Evening Post: The Decline Of NASCAR…What Happened

NASCAR has been a popular sport here in the south, but ratings and attendance have been going down, but why?  The YouTube channel Company Man attempts to explain why NASCAR has been […]

The Evening Post: PetSmart Vs. Petco

Do you know the difference between PetSmart and Petco?  These are the two biggest pet stores out there.  In this video from Company Man, he talks about their similarities, differences, and how […]

See How ALDI Has Become So Successful

I go to ALDI once a week.  Seriously, you can’t pass up a gallon of milk for under one dollar and eggs for almost nothing.  Their prices are just too good to […]

Sunday Discussion: The Decline Of GameStop…What Happened

We all know what GameStop is, but as you likely know GameStop is in serious trouble.  The reason, people are not going to buy video games in the store anymore.  They use […]

Watch And See Why Hallmark Is Bigger Than You Know

We all know Hallmark.  They make great greeting cards.  They have some popular TV channels, and many love the Hallmark Christmas movies.  But, do you know how big Hallmark really is?  The […]

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