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What I Got For Christmas 2015 / Five Things To Begin 2016


So this post is going to talk about what I got for Christmas 2015, and talk about my five things I plan on to begin 2016.  I also talked about this on a video if you want to watch below!

So, for Christmas I got a used speed limit sign, coffee brewer for those K-pods, blender, gift card, and a bomb squad chef jacket from another YouTuber.  It was a good Christmas, here are some photos below!

So, with Christmas and New Year’s out of the way.  I am planning on starting 2016 right!  There are five things I am going to do in 2016.  But before I do the other four things, this first step is very important!

Move, Move, Move (Probably)

Before I get into the apartment problems.  The biggest issue is the cost.  I mean when you only get around $750 per month, and the rent is $475, and you have to pay a power bill, it is going to be unsustainable!

Yea, the apartment where I live at is going downhill and in a hurry!  In the past 60 days, I have had some big issues!  First off, the neighbors next door have been on a screaming fest.  It got so bad one night with the screaming that I left and went up to the laundromat.  About 2 am a person from that apartment came up to see me.  And after a chat, nothing happened.  It go so bad the police was called by someone else and I had to talk to them.

But that is not the worse!  After Halloween, some new neighbors moved above me.  And so far they have been the worse neighbors ever!  From stomps left and right, children running around, dropping everything, loud talking, loud TV’s and more, it’s gotten so bad I have had to leave to get away from it, even spending a night at a hotel.  I have talked to the landlord, and they have talked to the neighbors, but nothing has happened.  It has gotten so bad that I drew this below!

The apartment complex where I live at does not have other one bedroom apartments.  And I could move to an 2 bedroom apartment, but that would cost $575 per month.  So, most likely I will be moving.  And for some peace and quiet!  I mean, I recorded my Christmas video at a shopping center.  And the video above was recorded at 3:30 am in the morning.  I have things and videos to make, and I can’t make them where I live now!

Upgrade Geek Alabama

Soon, I will be re-designing the Geek Alabama site with a new look!  And also moving this site to self-hosting, because I have some people who want to work with me putting in ads and product reviews.  So I look forward to that!

New Computer And Camera

I am looking for an new computer that will allow me to edit and process videos faster and play and record games for YouTube!  Along with that, I am looking to get a new camera with equipment to make better videos!

Get Moving

I am also looking to get myself a FitBit, because I still have that thing where I need to be accountable in getting healthier.  I might also join a gym, but not before I deal with this apartment mess.

More Pictures And Videos

Yep, I will be making a bunch of new videos and debuting some new video segments.  I will be using my current DSLR to take more pictures!  I think 2016 will be a much better year for event coverage and reviews!

So for now, the Geek Alabama site will be on light mode.  I hope to come back to full power with a new look by February.  Before I do anything else, the apartment problems needs to be dealt with.

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