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These Are Four Activities To Enjoy With Your Friends

Do you sometimes feel like you and your friends always do the same few things? Do you always go out for drinks, meet for lunch, or go to each other’s houses for […]

Finding Excellent Content You May Have Missed

Something special about geeks is that they are able to find the quality in areas that other people might not know about, or that are perhaps less popular than they should be. […]

Watch It’s A Southern Thing Play The Worst Board Game Ever

The playing of board games have become popular again thanks to many indie board games being crowdsourced.  And admit it, board games have become very geeky!  But, have you discovered the newest […]

View The 15 Life Lessons From Classic Board Games Presentation

Here is another great presentation anyone who is a geek/nerd should love, or anyone who loves playing games will love!  When you were a kid, there some life lessons you learned from […]

Lego’s and Gaming at the Alabama Phoenix Festival

At the Alabama Phoenix Festival, there are plenty of other activities you can do other than attending panels!  There was a Lego area where kids could play with Lego’s.  The Lego’s were […]

Lego Fest and the Gaming Rooms

Another part of the Alabama Phoenix Festival was the Lego Fest and the Gaming Room areas at the Hilton Perimeter Park.  The Lego Fest was held by the Magic City Lego Users […]

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