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Finding Excellent Content You May Have Missed

Something special about geeks is that they are able to find the quality in areas that other people might not know about, or that are perhaps less popular than they should be. After all, they were the people who used to indulge in excellent D&D campaigns during its inception, while those concerned with looking ‘cool’ didn’t. Now, geek culture is commercialized and enjoyed by every social strata and hierarchy around ,and it’s not hard to see this is because of the quality geeks initially felt a sense of comfort and admiration in. While it’s harder to find forms of media or content that is simply hidden and not as well known thanks to the internet, there might be personal blockages in your life that haven’t occurred to you, such as not getting involved in a scene simply because you haven’t tried.

Thankfully, considering new content and where it might come from can open you up to a range of wonderful enjoyment, and give you the tools to expand your geeky horizons, letting that flag fly as high as possible:


There are a range of excellent animes out there. Of course anime might be somewhat hard to get into for someone who has only seen memes highlighting how silly it can be, but there’s a hidden depth and excellence to anime that needs to be seen to be appreciated. Titles such as Samurai Champloo, Mushishi, Cowboy Bebop, Psycho Pass and B The Beginning all demonstrate just how non-introduced westerners needn’t be initially averse to anime just because of an artstyle they are unfamiliar with. All of these shows are simply excellent from a storytelling perspective, and are more than worth your time. But this is just dipping your toes in the pool. For a true exploration of anime, the culture behind it and how to best introduce yourself to the genre, we would recommend true fan-led websites such as AnimeWhiz to absorb yourself in this wonderful medium.

Board Games

You might simply consider board games to be a fun activity you enjoy with your grandparents or when camping on vacation, but aside from that you are likely out of the loop when it comes to modern options. But the board game scene is more than thriving, and there are many out there to help you truly express yourself and enjoy yourself creatively through the carefully designed rules of a board. Heading to excellent conventions such as GenCon can help you find the distilled spirit of the industry, and this might give you more of a perspective into the thriving nature of this industry.


There are many excellent streamers out there on platforms such as Twitch, but you needn’t simply watch the most popular Fortnite-playing options. Dig a little deeper and there are many hilarious and small-time folk streaming silly indie games, giving their perspectives on life or joking and curating more of a show for their audience. It can be truly worthwhile to consider streaming yourself, and engage with a community if you have the creative interest.

With these tips, you’re sure to keep up with excellent geeky content you might have missed.

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