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Lego Fest and the Gaming Rooms

Another part of the Alabama Phoenix Festival was the Lego Fest and the Gaming Room areas at the Hilton Perimeter Park.  The Lego Fest was held by the Magic City Lego Users Group.  It featured some very creative Lego builds including large ships and a large building.  Legos were placed on the tables for people so they could build their own things.  But this model with a train track and various moving parts was very cool!

The gaming areas was held at the Hilton Perimeter Park.  There were various tables set out so people can play various board games and card games such as Magic: The Gathering.  There was also a video gaming area for people as well.  Some vendors were there as well selling plenty of Magic: The Gathering cards and other stuff.  The biggest highlight was the bar area at the hotel.  Some people got a quick drink before playing even more games!

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