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Watch And Learn Five Science Backed Barbecue Tips

We love to barbecue in the south, and if you ever wanted to learn some science behind barbecue, this is for you!  SciShow gives you five science backed tips about barbecuing.  If […]

Find Out Which Five Barbecue Joints James Spann Loves the Most

As what James Spann says in the video below, everyone has their own favorite BBQ joints.  This Is Alabama had James Spann tell everyone his five favorite barbecue joints in the state […]

Barbecue And Local Foods / The Good And Bad About Food In Alabama

Alabama is known for its food, and two recent stories from other websites have a good and bad thing about food in Alabama.  First the good, the website The Daily Meal put […]

Vote In The Alabama Barbecue Bracket 2014

March Madness is here!  Many people will be filling out those brackets and predict who they think will win it all.  Here in Alabama, we are doing March Madness too!  No, it’s […]

TV Review: The Shed on Food Network

UPDATE:  Read about the controversy surrounding The Shed closing the Mobile Alabama restaurant at: http://geekalabama.com/2013/08/26/controversies-over-miley-cyrus-and-the-shed/ Non-cooking shows on the Food Network have not had a great past.  Do you remember some cancelled shows […]

Some Praise For Some Alabama Barbecue

If there is one food everyone in Alabama associates with, it’s barbecue!  Now, a Birmingham Metro BBQ restaurant has been named as one of the top ten BBQ restaurants in America!  Full […]

Tips For Grilling Safe During the 4th of July Holiday

I am sure many of you will be grilling out this July 4th Holiday.  It’s an American tradition for many people to use a grill during the July 4th Holiday to grill […]

Business Review: Betty’s BBQ In Anniston

I have lived in the Anniston Metro for the last six years now.  Can you believe I have never gone to Betty’s BBQ in Anniston?  Yeah, me either!  After I got a […]

Aspie Recipes: Slow Cooker Crock Pot BBQ Pork

It’s very rare that I do two recipes in one week!  But I wanted to make something with a crock pot that was given to me by the apartment manager.  And since most people […]

Vote For Alabama’s Best BBQ Restaurant

What is one of the things you think about in Alabama?  How about Barbecue!  Alabama is home to many BBQ restaurants and several of these restaurants have won national awards!  Now the Alabama Tourism Department is holding […]

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