The Hat Trick Of Government Corruption Is Now Complete In Alabama

Ah, today was yet another horrible and embarrassing black eye in the history of the Alabama government.  Ever since the state of Alabama became a state in 1819, and especially since the adoption of the constitution of 1901, the longest and most corrupt constitution in the world, Alabama has seen it’s share of politicians of both parties and from all branches of government get charged and convicted of corruption charges, or resign before they go to jail, the easy way out.

Today, Robert Bentley took the easy way out and resigned his governor post.  Before he resigned, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges.  Sure, he will have to pay back his campaign funds, pay some fines, forgive his retirement money which is a HUGE blow, and serve some community service, but Robert Bentley took the easy way out.  He should have spent some time in our beautiful and well run state prison system.  I’m being sarcastic there, our state prisons are horrible!

He even had the guts to “thank” the people for being their leader of the state.  Glad you are outta here Bentley!

In the past year, the leaders of all three branches of state government have been removed from office.  It’s the hat trick of government corruption!  Some legislators were saying states like New York and New Jersey have had corruption governors removed before.  Yes, most states have had to remove a corrupt leader before, not every person is clean as they say when they were running for office.  But never before the speaker of the state house, the chief justice of the state supreme court, and the governor have all been removed because of corruption, in the same term, and all within a one year period.  It has never happened before in any state!

I’m sitting here watching the local news and I hear state leaders say things like “the future is bright in Alabama”, or “the worst is behind us.”  And I think to myself, what a horrible thing to say!  We continue to have leaders in our state government be corrupt or do things based on how much money they receive.  It was a big problem when the Democrats were in power in Montgomery, and now it’s a big problem with the Republicans in power now.  But hey, quit blaming the legislators, judges, and government officials for the problems in Montgomery, we need to start blaming ourselves.

Most people in Alabama will either vote via party lines or vote for the person who says they are for “family values”, or say they are a good “Christian person”, or say they will keep “government small” and “keep taxes low.”  You know what I mean, we see these people in every election cycle.  And these people who say these things are mostly the ones who always gets in trouble with the law and become corrupt inside state government.  Until we QUIT voting for these idiots, the cycle of corruption and wrongdoing will continue!  We can’t continue to keep voting for Darth Vader, right?

We can’t keep saying “thank God for Mississippi” anymore!  Alabama has the third highest unemployment rate in America.  We have a state prison system that is in shambles.  We have a Medicaid crisis where people can’t afford to see a doctor.  We have infrastructure that is crumbling with no funds to fix it.  We have schools that are rapidly declining with horrible math and reading scores.  We have hardly any mental health services or a good court system.  I can go on and on with the problems Alabama is facing, it’s not good!

Every year something stupid comes into the news from Montgomery, from the Luv Gov, to HB 56 which scared many people, to a current bill that would install “ransomware” onto all phones and computers to stop porn (who comes up with these things?)  The people in Montgomery continue to propose and pass stupid things that causes Alabama to be embarrassed in the worldwide media yet again, or yet another government official becomes corrupt, or we have to spend taxpayer money defending bills that are unconstitutional,  it’s a neverending cycle that seems like it never wants to end!  It’s like our leaders in Montgomery has money to burn baby!

How about doing something different for a change?  How about reforming our archaic 1901 tax structure?  How about maybe raising the property taxes from being dead last in America so we can properly fund education?  Yes, that means quit listening to those so called lobbyists from ALFA Insurance and Alabama Power.  How about allowing us to vote on a statewide lottery so we can quit seeing millions leave the state?  Yes, that means quit listening to the Business Council of Alabama for a change.  How about requiring insurance companies to pay for Autism therapy like 46 other states already do?  Yes, that means kicking the bums from Blue Cross / Blue Shield out of the state house.  I can go on and on about things to improve Alabama!

And how about something radical, like making marijuana legal?  Yet, you clowns in Montgomery will continue to listen to those churches who those attending have to listen to politics instead of preaching from the Bible.  Alabama will continue this cycle of being dead last in everything, having multiple government officials being corrupt, and being embarrassed almost every day in the national and worldwide media.  This has to stop, and soon!  We are now in a worldwide economy, and everyday this continues, Alabama loses!  It’s like Willy Wonka telling us “You Lose” every single day!

If you people living in Alabama wants to change this, there is only one thing to do, vote for someone else!  Vote for the person in the other party you don’t like, vote against the person who praises “family values”, or is a so-called “True Christian.”  Don’t believe the person who says they are for “small government” and “lower taxes.”  Those sayings means people are harmed and we have to rely on the federal government for funding.  I wonder how long that lasts with Trump in the White House?

Until we do that, we will continue to see self-centered, racist, greedy, corrupt, selfish, and bigot government leaders.  And in our world today, having people like that serving in our government means we lose!  I want to win!  We can’t keep welcoming people to Sweet Home Alabama for much longer if we stay corrupt and stupid!


Catch My Favorite Political Show, The Voice of Alabama Politics, On YouTube


I am surprised that The Voice of Alabama Politics only gets around 500-1000 views each week on YouTube, it should be getting a lot more, because these people are very honest about the crazy happenings inside the Alabama Legislature!  “The V,” The Voice of Alabama Politics, is a once a week, comprehensive TV news source for everything Alabama politics. It is an extension of Alabama Political Reporter, a five-day-a-week news source for politics in the Yellowhammer State.

These guys have gotten some trouble finding enough revenue to air this show on TV stations across Alabama.  I mean this is Alabama, where if you are not for the right, you can be screwed and left behind.  The show is back on some TV stations and is on the Alabama Cable Network.  But here in Anniston, the best way to watch this show is on YouTube, and more people needs to be watching this show!

The show is aired and uploaded to YouTube each Sunday.  Here is last week’s show below!  Why not go ahead and subscribe to the aprthev YouTube channel and keep up with some honest and hard-hitting Alabama political news!

Sunday Discussion: Shutting Down Spay and Neuter Clinics

Update: The board dropped the issue on Wednesday October 10th!

Rhonda Parker (AVRAL Chair) reported from Montgomery just now: An amazing success for animal advocates – ASBVME dropped the issue, will not proceed with any changes/regulations re: spay/neuter clinics. Huge force of AVRAL members turned out, spoke before the board and had an obvious tremendous impact upon the board. Television/media on the scene – filming and interviewing attendees. THANK YOU AVRAL MEMBERS for driving from far and near, and speaking out for the great need for low-cost spay/neuter clinics in Alabama. You did it!!

From Mark Nelson (Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic):
“Everything we were fighting for was worth it, it is a great day for animal welfare in the state of Alabama. We could not have asked for a better outcome. The board heard from the public and we look forward to working with the board in the future.”

Why would I delay the Sunday Discussion post to a Tuesday?  I delayed it to make a great video for this post.  Watch the video below!

If you have not heard the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has a meeting on Wednesday October 10th.  The meeting is about the fate of four low-cost spay and neuter clinics in Alabama.  This vote would have never happened if HB 156; the spay/neuter clinic protection act passed the legislature during the last session but that never happened thanks to the State Vet Board, along with a group of Auburn veterinarians who formed ALVPOA as well as Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard.  Why would this board shut down these low-cost spay and neuter clinics?  These clinics have not had any issues of abuse or neglect.  And they provide a wonderful service to the State of Alabama to keep excess animals out of shelters.

There is only one word to describe this situation and its GREED!  Yes the ASBVME just can’t have enough of that paper with the green ink on it.  Dr. Robert Pitman who is the board president and is a vet in Athens, AL said this, and yes it shows he wants to be greedy.

These spay/neuter clinics claim to have performed 80,000 procedures over the last 2-3 years. This number is highly suspect but whatever number is correct, the legal veterinary community has seen a significant decrease over the same period.  These clinics are not offering services that are not already being offered and they are not supporting communities the way other veterinarians are supporting the community — through tax dollars.”

What Dr. Robert Pitman forgot to mention is this.  He also owns the Athens Dog Pound and he receives $300,000 a year to run the Athens Dog Pound which is a kill shelter.  So he gets paid to shelter the animals and also for putting the animals to sleep.  The shelter is only open on weekdays and was not open on the weekends until pressure from the public forced the shelter to be open on Saturday mornings.  I hate it when you can tell someone has the greedy look in their eyes.  Dr. Pitman was agianst HB 156 because he said HB156 would allow any non-profit to run a clinic – including “volunteer fire departments, wild turkey federations, bingo clubs, etc.”  Really, that is what he said!  Maybe these vets should be concerned of what happens at some shelters in Alabama.  This picture was taken at the  Bibb County Animal Shelter after the cat room was cleaned by hosing out the concrete room as the terrified cats huddled in a corner.  This photo is very hard to look at!

So the bottom line is the ASBVME is dead set on closing down these low-cost spay and neuter clinics on October 10th.  These clinics have done over 100,000 low-cost operations which helps to reduce the pet population.  And these clinics even provide transportation for the animals so people don’t have to spend gas money.  These clinics are a great asset to the State of Alabama.  3 to 4 million cats and dogs are humanely killed at shelters across the nation each year.  And in 2011, roughly 700 Huntsville city cats and dogs were killed and approximately 1,928 Madison County cats and dogs were killed — a total of about 2,628 in 2011.  This tax-funded killing costs about $200 per pet which includes boarding and other costs compared to the lower cost of spaying and neutering, according to Dr. Joy Baird, veterinary at the North Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic in Huntsville.  And yes; Alabama and Mississippi have the highest animal kill rates in the nation.

Luckily there is a non-profit group in Alabama who is talking about animal welfare.  The Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation or AVRAL is gaining many new members and they plan to be in Montgomery on October 10 in full force!  And they want people to write a letter to the state vet board, asking them why they feel the need to pass unnecessary regulation on low-cost spay/neuter clinics that will have only one outcome: more animals die.  I am writing a letter which includes a link to this post and video.  And if you want to write a letter send the letter to these two addresses.

Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
c/o: Tammy Wallace
8 Commerce Street; Suite 910
Montgomery, AL. 36130-5330

Send copy to:
Mark Nelson
Alabama Spay/Neuter
2721 Crestwood Blvd.
Irondale, AL. 35210

The best thing you can do to help animal welfare in Alabama is to join AVRAL.  Go to to learn more about AVRAL.  WE need to stop these crazy politicians!  Even though I have Asperger’s Syndrome I have enough common sense to know these Alabama politicians are corrupt!  And yes I do talk about corrupt Alabama politicians here on Geek Alabama.  Maybe that’s why I am still unemployed right now.  Many state politicians run small businesses and have friends who run businesses.  But face it; having corrupt politicians in Alabama gives me plenty to talk about here on Geek Alabama.  Keep being corrupt Alabama; because I love talking about you!

Here is my letter I have sent out:  (You can use this letter if you want)

My name is Nathan Young and I run the blog named Geek Alabama.  I am against the vote which would result of the closing of four low-cost spay and neuter clinics across Alabama on Wednesday October 10th.  The Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners will do great harm to the animals of Alabama if they vote to close these clinics down.  I want to keep these low-cost spay and neuter clinics open because they provide families with low-income a way to spay and neuter their pets.  Alabama has a severe pet overpopulation on its hands and closing down these low-cost spay and neuter clinics will force more animals to be put to sleep in overcrowded shelters.

3 to 4 million cats and dogs are humanely killed at shelters across the nation each year.  And in 2011, roughly 700 Huntsville city cats and dogs were killed and approximately 1,928 Madison County cats and dogs were killed — a total of about 2,628 in 2011.  This tax-funded killing costs about $200 per pet which includes boarding and other costs compared to the lower cost of spaying and neutering, according to Dr. Joy Baird, veterinary at the North Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic in Huntsville.  These low-cost clinics have done over 100,000 low-cost operations which helps to reduce the pet population in Alabama.

Geek Alabama talks about the culture and events in the State of Alabama. We also talk about and cover events in NE Alabama/NW Georgia. Geek Alabama also talks about current topics and topics that carries a geeky/technology tone to it.  Geek Alabama also talks about politics and it will be talking about this meeting on Wednesday October 10th.  Please do the right thing and keep the low-cost spay and neuter clinics open in Alabama.

Visit the post and video talking about this issue at:

Yours Truly:

Nathan Young