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Sunday Discussion: Support An Alabama Lottery Petition

As you know, the state of Alabama is super broke!  The state’s general fund budget has a deficit of up to $300 million dollars.  And Governor Bentley has proposed things like raising […]

Talking About Legislature Limiting The Media, Greedy Vets, And FiveThirtyEight

So, this post will talk about three different things.  I mean, there are quite a few things happening in Alabama, a lot of them corrupt and wrong!  So, what happens when our […]

Watch The PBS Newshour Report About The Alabama Redistricting Supreme Court Case

Lots of geeks and nerds like to follow what happens in the US Supreme Court.  And on Wednesday, Alabama was featured inside the court again.  The case is about district redistricting in […]

An Open Letter To Tim Cook, Cliff Sims, Mike Hubbard, And The People In Alabama

This is going to be a long post, because there is a lot to talk about here in the State of Alabama.  And if this post makes me a targeted person in […]

Sunday Discussion: 10 Reasons Why The State Of Alabama Is In Deep Trouble

Ah, Alabama.  We care about our Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers, but when it comes to government, we could care about squat.  While the state is successful when it comes to […]

Sunday Discussion: Alvin Holmes And The Mixed-Race Family In Alabama

Don’t you love it when someone in the Alabama Legislature makes a fool of themselves once again?  A few weeks ago, Rep. Alvin Holmes said something that has angered many families across […]

The 2014 Alabama Legislature Has A Explosive Ending

My only question is, what happened to the Alabama Legislature that caused it to go down into flames.  The legislature was signing Kumbaya and actually passed Carly’s Law to allow UAB to do […]

Three Bills The 2014 Alabama Legislature Needs To Deal With

2014 has been a quiet year for the Alabama Legislature down in Montgomery.  Even though not much controversial is coming out of Goat Hill, there are a couple of bills that I […]

Arizona SB 1062 Bill Is Vetoed / Five Crazy Bills In The 2014 Alabama Legislature

This week, Arizona has been a hotbed of controversial news.  SB 1062 would have allowed any business that asserted their religious beliefs the right to deny service to gay and lesbian customers.  The […]

My Thoughts of the 2014 Alabama State of the State Address / Plus Five Things I Want To See In 2014

Last night, Governor Robert Bentley delivered his fourth State of the State Address.  And the speech was mostly about promoting job growth in Alabama and slamming people who receives handouts from the […]

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