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Yes, There Is A GoFundMe Page To Solve The Alabama General Fund Crisis

Yes, Alabama State Senator Paul Sanford has set up a GoFundMe page as a way to help solve Alabama’s General Fund crisis.  The goal is only a short $300 million, and as of […]

Sunday Discussion: Five Things That Can Fix The Alabama Legislature Circus Act

On this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to talk about the chaos inside the circus otherwise known as the Alabama Legislature.  In the last seven days, Medicaid was almost killed in Alabama, Forever […]

The Alabama Legislature Wants To Solve The Budget Crisis With An Sex Tax

As we all know, the Alabama Legislature is currently meeting down in Montgomery and coming up with several ways to screw most of its citizens.  One of the ideas being floated around […]

Hey Alabama Legislature, Keep Your Greedy Hands Off Of Forever Wild

The Alabama Legislature is coming up with some crazy ideas to do anything possible to avoid the dreaded three letter world “Tax.”  Another one of those stupid ideas is to take all […]

The Alabama Legislature Has Plans To Screw And Defund Schools Even More

The Alabama Legislature is on some kind of weird and ironic mission to screw most citizens in the Yellowhammer State.  Not only they are wanting to cut out so much Medicaid funding […]

The Alabama Legislature Does Not Care About Medicaid, And Votes To Severely Cut It

Today felt like a slap in the face to all who are kids, poor, disabled, or the elderly.  The Alabama Legislature is in a no new tax kind of mood, and is […]

Sunday Discussion: The Fireworks Are About To Go Off Inside The Alabama Legislature

The legislature down in Montgomery have taken the last few weeks off, after the governor called a special session.  Now with only 9 working days left, the legislature is coming back into […]

Catch My Favorite Political Show, The Voice of Alabama Politics, On YouTube

I am surprised that The Voice of Alabama Politics only gets around 500-1000 views each week on YouTube, it should be getting a lot more, because these people are very honest about the […]

What I Think About The Upcoming 2015 Alabama Special Session

Governor Robert Bentley, what were you thinking when you thought calling a surprise special session and surprising all the legislators was a good idea? I mean, everyone thought a special session in […]

Sunday Discussion: The Three Stooges: Phil Williams, Mo Brooks, Mike Rogers

On this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to talk about three different political stories from political leaders here in the great and wonderful state of Alabama. First off, the Alabama Legislative session is […]

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