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Sunday Discussion: Support An Alabama Lottery Petition

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As you know, the state of Alabama is super broke!  The state’s general fund budget has a deficit of up to $300 million dollars.  And Governor Bentley has proposed things like raising some taxes to make up the deficit shortfall.  Yes, when you cut as much as you can cut, and still have a deficit, you either cut services or raise revenue.  And you can’t cut many things the state is required to provide like troopers, prisons, roads, and other important things.

Now, Mr. Bentley has already come out and said that expanding gambling is not a part of his agenda.  And that is a very bad move Mr. Bentley, you should allow the Poarch Creek Indians to run their casinos, and pay taxes to the state, that is a no brainer!  You should allow Victoryland and Greenetrack to reopen, why has that not happened yet?  And, you should let the people vote on a state lottery!  This state is sending millions of dollars to other states each year. In Tennessee, the lottery funds will allow all high school students to go to a two-year college, and they thank the people in Alabama for the contributions.

I mean, a state lottery should be a no brainer and something that should have been passed in 1999.  If we allowed a lottery, it would have helped our schools, roads, state buildings, and disaster needs.  Since the proposal was defeated, it was never heard from again.  I mean, if Alabama now allows same-sex marriages as of Monday, Alabama should support an Alabama lottery!  Now, there is an online petition you can sign to force our lawmakers to pass a state lottery and let the people vote on it.

The petition is called “Support An Alabama Lottery: A General Fund Lottery.”  Remember, when legislators like Del Marsh say they refuse new revenue increases, and they say this is an opportunity to right-size government even more, they mean cutting services like courts and schools even more, and adding more outrageous fees so the poor is harmed the most!  So, if you want to make sure essential services are still offered in Alabama, without seeing them cutback so you suffer, you need to sign this petition!  To sign the petition, click the link or scan the QR code below!



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