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My Thoughts About The 2018 Alabama Primary Election And Who I Would Vote For

Tuesday is the big day in Alabama.  People in Alabama will go vote in the 2018 primaries.  Starting this year, people are no longer allowed to cross over and vote for the other party if there […]

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My Crooked Alabama Election Day Experience At A New Polling Place

On Election Day, or the 2014 Alabama General Election, I was moved to a new polling place.  My past polling place has been the Norwood Hodges Community Center in the Golden Springs part […]

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Sunday Discussion: My Endorsements For The 2014 Alabama General Election

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, I am going to make my endorsements for the 2014 Alabama general elections, and the races in Calhoun County, where I live.  As you know, […]

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Tips For Voting On Alabama’s Primary Election Day 2014

Tomorrow is the Alabama primary election day.  On Tuesday, you will be voting for statewide offices, legislators, and county offices.  And this year, there are a few changes you need to know […]

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