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The Evening Post: 2019 Is Quitting

Goodbye 2019, you will not be missed.  It’s A Southern Thing talks about how 2019 is calling it quits…but not before he recaps all the insanely weird stuff he witnessed.  Enjoy below! […]

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Check Out What Microsoft Thought Technology Would Be In 2019

It’s 2019!  So that means we should have classrooms where kids can interact with kids from other countries.  Or that newspapers are now smart and update regularly.  Or that walls are now […]

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Here Are 19 Ways To Make Money In 2019

Make this your year, technology has enabled so much, and one of the best things is ways to make money. Through new apps and new services, there’s plenty of new ideas for […]

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Here’s How You Can Use Technology To Become A Better Person In 2019

Still trying to find realistic New Year’s Resolutions that will help you become a better and more responsible person in 2019? Good news tech fans, modern technology can be your greatest asset. […]

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