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New Year, Deep Clean! A Step By Step Guide

Deep cleaning your home can be a great way to start the new year fresh, so if this was one of your new year’s resolutions that you haven’t got around to yet- there’s no better time to start! Here are some tips for deep cleaning the different areas of your home. 



Kitchen cupboards can become really cluttered, spend some time going through them and remove and reorganize everything. Get rid of expired food and old small appliances that you don’t use enough. Move onto the counters and large appliances, clearing down any mess and cleaning with disinfectant. Then clean the sink and scrub the stovetop and oven. Don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator, including the coils on the back which can easily be missed in a normal clean. The tops of cupboards are an area that dust tends to settle on too, so get up on a ladder and give these a clean. Disinfect your bin and microwave to remove rogue smells, and finally, sweep and mop the floor.



Start by removing your soft furnishings such as towels and bath mats and put them into a hot laundry cycle wash. Shower curtains and decorative items can also be removed and given a thorough clean, mold, dust and grime can easily build up in the bathroom especially on these kinds of items. Next, clear all of the surfaces, clean sinks and the toilets with a disinfectant or all-purpose cleaner. When you’re cleaning the bath and shower, choose a cleaner specifically formulated for bathrooms as this will help to remove soap scum and mildew which can be difficult to lift. Spend some time shining up the taps and any chrome finishes to make the bathroom sparkle. Don’t overlook the windows and mirrors, and give the floor a really good clean with floor cleaner.


Living Room

Begin by decluttering and organizing areas like the coffee table, bookshelves, and end tables. Remove soft furnishings like cushion covers, curtains and throw blankets and put them into the wash, add a beautifully scented fabric conditioner to make the room smell nice. Dust all surfaces and vacuum or sweep the floors. If you have carpets or area rugs, consider renting a carpet cleaner or hiring a professional to clean them.



Again, start by decluttering and organizing: areas like the dresser and wardrobe will likely be home to lots of things you no longer need or use. Grab a box and put in everything you have no use for, ready to donate to charity, and throw away things that are no good.. Strip the bed and wash your cover, and rotate your mattress for a better longevity. Clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner, and pull the bed right the way out to vacuum underneath it- chances are it’s much dirtier and dustier under there than you might think!

Deep cleaning your home is hard work, it’s definitely a process and not something you’re likely to be able to do in a day. If you allocate yourself one room or area per day you can ensure you’re doing a really good job of each task, and if you’re struggling there are always professionals like Highland Park Housekeeping that you can hire. Having a professional come in, even once a year to deep clean, can make it much easier to keep on top of going forward. 

Have you started your new year deep clean yet?

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