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Geek Alabama Pets: RIP Laika The Husky / Nova The Husky Puppy Doesn’t Want To Put On Her Harness

Welcome to the Geek Alabama Pets segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Geek Alabama Pets will feature an interesting video or post about our wonderful pets and animals including dogs and cats. Any creature considered being an pet including dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, or other animals brings smiles and comforts to us humans. And we here at Geek Alabama love pets content!

Sadly, Laika the Husky has passed away.  She lived a long happy life with us. She joins her sisters Mishka and Moki up in heaven and will never be forgotten.  Now, the new era has begun with Nova the Husky Puppy.  Nova is funny about putting her harness, she thinks it’s a game.  Don’t worry, we got it on her so she could go to the doggy day spa.

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