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How To Create Perfect Dating Apps For Geeks

Dating apps are one of the best ways for geeks and nerds to meet someone new. Even though many dating applications exist today, only a few pay special attention to geeks.

Telling someone you are a nerd may limit your chance of having a romantic relationship with them; this should not be so.

According to a report by a dating site, Zoosk, disclosing you are a dock on your profile can increase your incoming messages by 74 percent. The result is the opposite for nerds and geeks. Nerds only get 7 percent more messages, and geeks get 7 percent lesser messages.

Expressing your love for comic books, Pokemon, Sega, World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons reduces your chance of inbound messages by at least 23 percent. It is worse if you are a lover of Dungeons and Dragons, as this can reduce incoming messages by as much as 59 percent.

This means once the person you are chatting with gets to know you are a nerd or geek, your chance of getting a response from them afterwards is slim.

Meanwhile, the chances of nerds meeting someone on dating apps can be increased if certain things are considered.


Understand and appreciate geeks

To create an app centered on nerds and geeks, it is essential you understand their lifestyle and feeling. Contrary to what some extroverts believe, nerds and geeks can be super sexy.

The significant difference between them and casanovas is that nerds focus most of their energy on intellectual topics. In contrast, casanovas may dedicate their energy to social activities that many women would likely find charming.

Nerds may also be shy in approaching women. Understanding this will help a programmer design a good algorithm that matches nerds with people who are likely interested in them.


Planning and Research

Dating apps usually do not have a geographical limit. It would be disastrous to deploy the app in a region using data collected from another region.

During your planning and research, conduct surveys across the regions you are targeting to get first-hand data on the problem you are trying to solve.

For instance, you can use a survey in Spanish translation to gather data from Spanish-speaking countries.


UI and UX

Remember, geeks, are likely to be more knowledgeable about technology matters than typical users.

Ensure the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are of the highest standard. A flawed design might discourage geeks from trying out a dating app.



Get enough nerds to try out the application before launching it to the public. Testing will help you discover where the app lags and places it needs to be tweaked for optimal performance and deliverability.


Dating tips for geeks

While geeks await a perfect dating app for meeting someone new, here are some tips you can use to improve your chances;


Develop a flexible mind

It is common for geeks only to prefer the company of someone with the same interest. The fact that you are a game lover and the person you are meeting prefers comics instead does not necessarily mean you are incompatible.

You only need to respect each other’s preferences and learn to live with them.


Wear something nice

You may be the type that spends most time behind the computer or in a study room. When going out, always wear something nice.

The more places you visit, the higher your chances of meeting someone. Gyms, public libraries, cafes and coffee shops are some places to hang out.

Do not forget to wear a good perfume or cologne; the other gender finds it attractive.


Be attentive and also share your passion

When talking with someone you are interested in, do not try to hide who you are. They should know from the onset rather than deceiving them. This might not be good for both of you if things had already progressed farther than you envisioned before they discovered the truth.

Show interest in what the person finds interesting and also share your passion with the person.


Think outside your interest

Some geeks are so absorbed in their interests that they want their romantic life to be a replica. For instance, geeks interested in anime may find themselves romantically attracted to only Asian women.

Understand there is a difference between your interest and reality. If someone makes you happy to the extent you are convinced you would want to spend the rest of your life with them, do not let your interest come in the way.

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