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Are Family Password Managers Worth It?

People have dozens of passwords they use for websites every day. Just think about your use of passwords. You need passwords to log into your email, your streaming services, the mobile games you play, your bank account, your social networks, and more. Now, multiply that by the number of members in your family. You can easily see why password managers for families are so important.

Password Theft Is a Major Problem

One of the greatest threats to your family’s cybersecurity is password theft. Businesses understand how important it is to secure passwords. That is why they spend millions of dollars each year making their passwords as secure as possible.

A compromised or weak password can wreak havoc on your family in just a matter of minutes. Compromised passwords give nefarious individuals access to your family’s computers, phones, and routers. Within a few minutes, hackers can get access to your financial records, your children’s school information, and your personal health information.

One of the biggest problems with passwords is that they are hard to remember. What many families do is use the same password repeatedly. They have the same password for their social media as they do for their streaming services and their email and banking information. If hackers can get access to just one of your family’s passwords, they have access to them all.


How Your Family Benefits From Password Managers

Unfortunately, most families use their children’s names, family birthdates, wedding anniversaries, and pet names as passwords. They will use easily guessable combinations that include their personal information and a date.

Unfortunately, remembering dozens of different passwords without having something easy to reference is close to impossible. Since most Internet users started using the Internet when it was new, bad password habits have become ingrained.

You may not realize just how easy it is to hack your family’s passwords. This is where a family password manager can help.

Password managers create and keep track of your passwords for you. They make your life simple. With a password manager, all you need to do is come up with one complicated password that serves as the key to unlock the rest of your passwords.

The password manager will generate complex passwords for each one of your accounts. The number of online services your family uses is only going to grow over the next few years. Creating and remembering a unique password for each one of these services is all but impossible.

Password managers help by creating strong passwords that have a decent length, a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, unique characters, and numbers.


Are Password Managers Secure?

Yes. They are more secure than repeating the same password over and over again on different accounts.

The only way you can have the same level of security provided by a password manager would be to memorize a ton of lengthy and complex passwords or keep them stored in a safe space.

It might seem counterintuitive to have all your passwords stored in the same place. But password managers are still safer because they have encrypted user data, a security key, and a master password. Hackers would need to break through all three barriers to get access to your information.

Password managers made for families are different from regular password managers. They offer family-friendly options, allowing multiple users to access the same account. This is great for families who want to share Wi-Fi passwords, streaming service logins, etc.


Keep Your Family’s Passwords Secure

It can feel like a daunting task to keep track of and secure your family’s information. Password managers made for families can help by providing a secure tool that helps you manage, create, and save challenging to crack passwords.

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