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6 Presentation Strategies For Growing Your Business

Whether you are a start-up owner wanting to pitch your business idea or an existing business owner selling an idea to your clients, a professional presentation is a great marketing tool.

A successful presentation is more than just a compilation of images and text. In the next section, we’ve shared 6 presentation tips that will take your business to the next level.


6 Smart Presentation Tips to Boost Business Growth

A well-designed presentation is your best tool to grab the attention of customers and convince them to either accept your idea or buy your product. Consider these tips for a dynamic video presentation:


1. Know Your Product or Service

You need to have expert knowledge about your product or idea if you want to convince the target audience. Remember one golden rule regarding making presentations – the audience is focusing on you, and the presentation slides are secondary.

The most dazzling presentation won’t help you sell your idea or product if you don’t know everything about the idea or product. Share statistics or quotes when delivering the presentation to ensure the client trusts your knowledge.

Use the following strategies to make your video slideshow engaging:

  • Use Relevant and High-Quality Images: Audiences relate more to images to understand a concept compared to text. Make sure you choose professional images or get a professional photographer to take some for you.
  • Stick to Non-Default Fonts: Standard fonts like Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial can’t give you a ‘wow’ presentation. For that, you need a unique font that’s not ordinary.


2. Have a Well-Defined Goal

Every successful presentation needs a clear objective so that the audience gets your message loud and clear. This is the first rule of engaging the audience since they know what to expect from your presentation.

Analyzing your presentation becomes easy for the audience if they know your objective, and declare it a success if your presentation is on track.

The Q&A session that follows the presentation will also be meaningful since the audience has understood the objective of the presentation.


3. Ensure You Interact With the Audience

A presentation is not a speech; you need to interact with the audience at regular intervals. When your presentation becomes a discussion, the audience stays focused till the end.

Some strategies to interact with the audience include asking questions and clarifying their doubts. Asking the audience for their feedback and sharing anecdotes with them also keeps them engaged.


4. Focus on Visual Aids

A higher percentage of your presentation should be allocated to visuals. The audience is able to retain visual cues longer. However, just putting together a couple of images will not work; you need a dynamic representation of visuals.

Audience engagement needs a combination of relevant graphs, videos, and images. All three visuals should relate to the topic you have chosen. You can also simplify complicated topics using visual flowcharts.

A great tool for engaging your audience is a video slideshow maker. Here are some tips for creating a stunning video slideshow:

  • Draft the Script: The audience wants a gripping story, so make sure all the images you include in the slideshow fit well into the script. When you play the video, the sequence of images should be meaningful. Use a storyboard to create the ‘layout’ for your video.
  • Selection of Images: A dynamic slideshow would have GIFs, short video clips, video footage, and images. If, for example, you are trying to share behind-the-scenes footage of your company, then you can have clips of fun interviews with your employees. You can find an easy slideshow maker online and create amazing slideshows without any experience!


5. Follow the 10-20-30 Rule

A winning presentation follows the 10-20-30 rule, which says:

  • 10 Slides: Your total presentation should not exceed 10 slides. This allows you sufficient space to provide a summary of your argument.
  • 20 Minutes: This is the attention span of an average person. The last 5 minutes should be allotted for the Q&A session.
  • Font Size-30 points: To make sure that all members of the audience can see your presentation, the font size should be 30 points.

When you follow this rule, your presentation will be crisp, and the message will be clearly conveyed to the audience. When you have fewer slides, you can spend time on each slide to have a deeper impact on your audience.

Your presentation should be over in 20 minutes. Just like you don’t like being rushed through the slides, the audience members like sufficient time to clarify their queries.

Though visual cues play a more important role compared to text, the audience needs to see the text clearly since it explains the visuals further. So, when you have a 30-point font, it is easily viewed by everyone in the room.


6. Close With a Powerful CTA

Whether you are making a YouTube Video or a corporate presentation, a powerful CTA or call-to-action element is important for your presentation. You don’t need to refer to a slide in this section.

End your presentation on a very positive note since it implies you believe in what you have presented, be it your idea or your product. You can use a personal anecdote for a call to action.

Summarize the points you discussed in your presentation to reinforce your ideas. Your confidence in this section of the presentation will ensure that the audience believes in your idea. This is essential for the conversion of leads into customers.



Whatever your product or idea, remember that the presentation is about you. Start with a clear objective for your presentation since, at the end of it, the audience needs to know what your message is. You need a compelling story for a successful presentation.

It is essential that you have complete knowledge of your product and don’t rely on the presentation for information. Keep the presentation interactive, and answer the questions posed by the audience with confidence.

Don’t forget to set aside a significant time of the presentation for a Q&A session. If you have a winning product or idea, present it now!

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