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Cleaning Guide: How To Get Your Car Clean As New

Cleaning your car should be a fun activity and a way to take care of your ride. A clean vehicle will remain to look new for longer. It also helps maintain your car’s paint to avoid the constant need for repainting. Ultimately, this is the best way to ensure your vehicle looks good enough to fetch a reasonable price at a second-hand car yard. Below are some fantastic ideas to help you perform a thorough cleaning.


Use the Best Products

You cannot second-guess your choices when it comes to your vehicle’s cleaning products. If you use the wrong ones, you will not get the ultimate shine and protection for your car’s paint. One of the best ways to get a complete package is to purchase a ceramic coating kit containing all the best cleaning items. Even if you prefer a waterless wash, you need to buy the appropriate one that will provide the best protection. Invest in a brand that will enable you to achieve your goals of a clean and shiny vehicle. You will always look like you are driving a new car.


Use the Correct Procedure

When you want to clean your car, you should ensure that you use the correct technique. This ensures that you have the best results out of the process. Even if you prefer pressure washing at a commercial place, you should do personal cleaning from time to time. The best way to do this is by using a soft sponge that will not scratch the surface. During the cleaning, use straight-line strokes and not circular movements. Circular motion only spreads the dirt and can leave marks, especially on the glass.

Secondly, have two buckets of water. The first one should have the soapy solution, while the other, clean water. Always ensure that you have plenty of water so that you do not leave any dirty water marks when the car dries. You must clean your vehicle from the top going downwards. This prevents the dirt from the tires from affecting the body.

Once you complete cleaning the top, thoroughly wash the wheels, ensuring that you remove all hidden dirt. Use a brush that has soft bristles to avoid scratching the paint. If you are working alone, clean one wheel at a time, ensuring you rinse it off thoroughly before moving to the next.

When cleaning the interior, use a suitable fabric depending on the material used. Use a car vacuum cleaner to remove dirt hiding in the seat cracks and any nooks and crannies. If you don’t have one, you can opt for a soft toothbrush that can fit in those narrow spaces. Even though the interior doesn’t get as much dirt as the outside, you should also perform regular cleaning to avoid accumulating dust and other particles.


Dry Your Car Under the Shade

When working in hot weather, constantly rinse the car with clean water to prevent water spots from forming. If possible, clean the car under the shade to give yourself an easy time. Once you complete cleaning, leave the car under a shade to dry evenly. Drying under the sun only causes the water to evaporate quickly, thus leaving water spots on the surface.


Waxing and Bug Removal

Waxing helps give the car a protective layer to prevent paint damage. Therefore, you should always remember to wax your vehicle whenever you clean it. Additionally, check for foggy headlights and any unpleasant appearances that require special attention. Online platforms have numerous DIY techniques to assist you in clearing the layer on the headlights and making them shine brighter.

Bugs like moths, mosquitoes, and many others can also become a nuisance, depending on the area you reside. Invest in a bug spray and use it frequently. Leaving bugs on your car for a long time can lead to paint damage and unpleasant marks. Therefore, even when not cleaning your entire vehicle, you can spray the area with the bugs and wipe them off with a microfiber cloth or bug sponge.



To keep your vehicle’s paint job in perfect condition, you need to ensure that you do not allow dirt to sit for months. Ensure you regularly clean the car to get rid of the dirt before it sticks and becomes hard to deal with. Even if you do not have enough time to do detailed cleaning, you can pass through the automatic car wash and have a clean exterior within minutes. When you keep your ride clean, you will enjoy having a car that looks new even after years of use.

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