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Key Features To Consider While Purchasing Wifi Booster

Getting fast WiFi with great reliability around your entire home can be very challenging. Some houses have a dead zone in an upstairs bedroom, but maybe your kids want to watch a movie. There may be a dead zone in your backyard, and it may carry zero signals.

WiFi has become inescapable, like electricity in our homes and daily life. The WiFi must have a temperamental performance and should be continuous without any halt. There are a lot of appliances in the home and architectural features. These halts can cause interference in your typical house. In these situations, even the most powerful WiFi router can cause signal dropping. So in these situations, we need a wifi booster.


Here are the things you need to consider while buying wifi booster:


Your wifi location:

First, determine your wifi location. For example, you choose a basement for your wifi. This basement will provide you with a signal drop and a poor connection. Choose a second floor or the wide area of your home. It will create a good connection. Now you need a wifi booster.


Wifi 5 vs wifi 6:

When buying a good wifi booster, you must know that there are two types of Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is faster and better because it manages more devices and computers.

But monetarily, the wifi 5 is a better option. This wifi 5 is cheaper than the wifi 6.

When you purchase a wifi booster, you must match the wifi booster with your router. For wifi 5, you need a wifi 5 booster, and for wifi 6 you need a wifi 6 booster.


Dual-band vs tri-band:

The wifi booster comes with dual and tri-band. These are two configurations of the bands.

They have a 2.4GH connection or the 5 GH connection. But the tri-band has both connections.

The benefits of the tri-band are more than that of the dual-band so that you can connect more devices. But they are more expensive. You must buy the dual-band to save some bucks if you don’t need many wifi connected devices.



The wifi booster always has a large coverage area. The coverage is usually 1200 square feet. You need to buy the wifi booster according to the needs of your home.

Some brands feature antennas for boosting the signals of your wifi.



The wifi booster should have a simple setup. But some bad apples cause some connection issues. There is a WPS button. All you need to do is hit the button to expand the coverage of your wifi signals. Some wifi boosters are also connected to some mobile apps; they provide a quicker setup as compared to the former ones.


Ethernet ports:

The wifi boosters are wireless. They are not connected to your router with an ethernet cable. Some boosters have extenders that allow your router to connect to the ethernet. This extender mode will provide faster and better coverage. You can connect your device to your ethernet port.

You need to consider the above guidelines while purchasing a wifi booster.

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