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The 5 Important Services Moving Companies Provide

Whether you rented a new apartment or changed location due to the terms of your new job, it is excellent to have a new place. You may want to figure out what your following line of action should concern your move. Should you do the work yourself or hire a moving company?


Of course, you might be considering the cost of hiring a mover, especially if you are very particular about how you spend your money. However, if you love to save time more, you may want to consider hiring movers. In this article, you will learn about the different services a moving company may provide.


Five Services That Every Moving Service Should Offer


1. Packing And Provision For Packing Supplies

If you are hiring a well-to-do moving company to do your packing, then you won’t have to worry about the materials needed for packing. The moving company is meant to have moving boxes, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, and padding.

If you were a college student once, you would realize how tasking packing can be. If you can get it done by professionals, it would be much easier and faster because you will have to help hands.

Also, you should not worry much about your fragile items; the movers are responsible for keeping them safe. If you are moving abroad, you may want to hire a company that handles that and gets International moving quotes.


2. Disassembling Your Furniture

So you have this vast king-sized bed and many other pieces of furniture that can’t fit into a truck at once; what do you do? You won’t have to worry about it once you hire professional movers. They will be in charge of tactically disassembling the furniture before it gets moved.

If you don’t use a moving service, you might get stressed or into arguments with your home partner because of not having much clue on how to disassemble the furniture. Movers will also have the right tools necessary for the process.


3. Loading The Truck And Unloading The Moving Truck

You don’t have to carry those big couches and dining tables into the truck alone or with your partner. Whew! You won’t have to get frustrated or get into mini arguments with your partner. The movers will treat your property with care and move them gently into a truck, and when you arrive at the new house, they will load them to the new place without you having to lift ginger.


4. Transporting Your Property

You may worry that your property may get harmed on the way to the new place, so you have to ensure you are hiring professional movers.

The route you take is also essential; the move should be able to suggest a way that would prevent any harm to your goods at all costs.


5. Unpacking Your Items From The Wraps Or Boxes

One thing you may not have considered with unpacking is: what happens to the packing materials? Would you dispose of them once you are done? You might have put in money into getting boxed, so where will you put them after? So it is simply best to use a moving service because they will use their wrapping materials, and once they are done, they will take them back and reuse them instead of wasting resources. Also, it is easy for others to do the unpacking for you.


FAQs About Moving Companies

Below we have answered some of the questions you may have about movers. See them below:


1. How much does hiring a moving service cost?

It depends on some factors, including the amount of stuff moved and the time used for the move. You can know the cost from the beginning depending on how much stuff you are moving.

Some moving services may offer different plans to help you decide the cost from the onset, so you can choose the packages that cover the service you need. If the movers help to unpack, you must also consider the cost of their travel from your previous house to your new place.

The time of the year will add to the amount you pay; sometimes, the year has more demand for movers than the rest, so you can do the math. On average, you are expected to pay $25 to 50 per hour for a move.


2. How long will a complete move take?

As expected, with the help of the movers, you should use considerably less time to move. If you are moving from a small house, you should expect the move to take somewhere between 2 to 3 hours; if it is a larger apartment, you should expect it to take 4 to 5 hours. You can also have the movers look at the apartment and give you an estimated time, so you will know whether they are within budget.


Closing thoughts

Whether moving from a relatively small or big apartment, you have to decide whether you will hire a moving company based on your budget and the work you will be doing. You must have already spent a lot of money on getting a new place and may think it may be too expensive to hire a mover, so the best thing might be to do it yourself. However, you still have more to spare, save yourself the stress and use the help of movers.

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