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5 Amazing Ways To Use Marijuana Seeds As Everyday Medicine

Marijuana is a popular plant with several health benefits. Its seeds are also of great importance. The herb contains a significant amount of THC, which contributes to its mind-altering effects. But, its seeds do not have these effects.  Some consider these seeds as a superfood with excellent nutritional advantages. They contain fatty acids, proteins, fibers, nutrients, and other vitamins.


Regular intake of marijuana seeds may help prevent several ailments and maintain healthy skin and the body’s wellbeing. One way to know whether or not the seed will improve your health is to rely on scientific results.  Over the years, many researchers have conducted clinical trials on the constituents of cannabis and its usefulness to humanity. Apart from being a good source of nutrition, the seeds come with several therapeutic benefits.

An excellent way to gain the full advantage of marijuana seed is to incorporate it into our daily lives.  This way, we stand to gain the nutritional and health advantages of this herb. Here are some of the benefits you can derive from hemp seeds when you use them as everyday medicine:


●      It may help with weight management.

Marijuana seeds can help you achieve your fitness goal.  If you desire to shed a few kilograms of weight, you should consider this herb.  The seeds contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. Furthermore, it provides the body with vitamin E, which means it can help you stay healthy.


Sprinkling marijuana seeds on your yogurt, salad, and cereal can add significantly to the foods’ nutritional effect. Apart from that, it will keep you healthy and full. You can also improve your digestion and metabolism by adding seeds to your breakfast smoothies. When you consume it every day, you gain the maximum advantage of its nutritional properties. It also allows you to stay satisfied for a long time and helps you to manage your weight.

●       Marijuana seeds can help cope with menopause and PMS symptoms.

One of the remarkable advantages of taking Marijuana seeds as everyday medicine is they ease PMS and Menopause symptoms.  A large number of women worldwide are suffering from premenstrual syndrome. These symptoms are due to the effect of the body hormone called prolactin.  These seeds contain GLA, which helps in reducing the effect of prolactin in the body.  It does this by producing a substance called prostaglandin E1, which is capable of countering its effect.

A study showed that women who take a regular dose of GLA and fatty acid show less premenstrual symptoms. The menopause stage often comes with undesirable symptoms like hot flashes, breast pain, depression, irritability, and fluid retention.  Taking a regular dose of marijuana seed may help relieve these symptoms.


●       It may ease pain and inflammation.

People often treat health issues like muscle pain, joint pain, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis with pain medication. These drugs are effective but come with side effects and a possible risk of addiction. It is worth mentioning that these medications’ effect wears off after some time, allowing the pain to return.

Marijuana seeds contain a polyunsaturated acid called the Gamma-Linoleic acid or GLA. This compound plays a useful role in the treatment of inflammation. The results of the study conducted on animals proved that humans could also experience the same effect.


●       It can fight skin ailments and improve skin health.

An excellent way to improve your skin appearance is to eat marijuana seeds. Lack of essential nutrients like fatty acid, vitamins, and minerals can lead to severe skin problems.  Marijuana seeds provide you with the nutrients that nourish and improve your skin health. It will interest you to know that these seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect; therefore, they are useful in treating skin conditions like acne, eczema, dermatitis, and atopic.

Research on the effects of dietary changes on skin conditions suggests that omega-3 can significantly reduce acne symptoms.


●       Marijuana seeds can aid digestion and promote a healthy heart.

The body can easily digest plant-based proteins, which form the constituents of marijuana seeds. Furthermore, these seeds also contain fibers needed to enhance digestive health.  The seed comprises both soluble and insoluble fibers, which aids digestion.

Apart from aiding digestion, it enables the heart to stay healthy. Marijuana seeds are a good source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, necessary for fighting heart diseases and keeping it healthy. Furthermore, Omega-3 can help manage irregular heartbeat, decrease stroke risk, improve cardiovascular performance, and reduce blood pressure.

Nitric Oxide (NO) helps in blood vessel dilation, thereby improving blood flow.  Marijuana seeds contain a substance called arginine, which gets converted to NO in the body. The seeds also supply the body with linoleic acid that helps to reduce agents responsible for heart inflammation.



Based on the health benefits of marijuana seeds discussed above, it suffices to say that you can gain numerous health benefits when you use the herb as an everyday medicine.  You can eat the seeds raw or cook them.  Some people may prefer to eat them as healthy snacks.

To enjoy the full benefits of these seeds, incorporate them into your diet, and know the right dose to take.  You can speak with your nutritionists or marijuana doctor on the appropriate amount to take for effective results.



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