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Read The Top 5 Dating Sites When It Comes To Finding Love

Today, finding love in a traditional setting may be difficult due to busy routines. But that does not mean you can’t find love. Dating websites and apps have come to the rescue, and you can find a perfect match in the comfort of your house. And with the internet being part of our everyday life, online dating is one of the best ways to get a partner.

While Tinder is the big kahuna in online dating, your chances of having a one-night stand are higher than getting someone for a long-term relationship. So, it begs the question; which dating sites offer a higher likelihood of finding a long-term match?

This article will review the top five dating sites where you can find love for the long haul.


1.Master Matchmakers

Master matchmakers was founded in 1999 by JoAnn Ward. This dating site agency works with affiliated professional matchmakers in different cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Boston, and Dallas.

On Master Matchmakers, you will get services starting at $2,500, including personal matchmaking and date coaching. Your total costs will depend on the levels of coaching, dating coach, number of matches you want, and the number of matchmakers working on your behalf.

The services offered on the website do not have a timeframe, and you will pay for a set number of matches. You will receive a profile and the reason the matchmaker believes you are a good match once they find a suitable candidate. Also, you can review your desired number of profiles.

When you agree to an introduction, numbers are exchanged, so you get to know each other. And once you meet someone for a date, that is a match. This method seems to work fine, especially if you are not in a hurry to meet your love. Otherwise, you should consider a more expensive matchmaking service with a better singles database.


Eharmony is another dating app you should highly consider if you have marriage in mind. You may be surprised that Eharmony is responsible for almost 4% of marriages in the US. That alone should be convincing enough for you to try it out.

The secret to Eharmony’s success is the result of revamping its model. While earlier you had to go through needless questions and a tedious signing up process, now you only need to answer 30 questions, thus offering practicability.

LGBTQ+ community members might get a few challenges on Eharmony. Some users have asserted it is a site for heteronormative. And as much as the platform is trying to alleviate this problem, the issue is still there.


3. Bumble

Bumble is a swipe-dating platform that comes with a twist. On this platform, it is the women who kick off the conversation. If the recipient of the message does not give a response within the first 24 hours, the match disappears. It is an upside as the platform eliminates any room for flakiness.

Therefore, for women, you will have to try and reach out to the men you match with since they cannot reach out to you. Do so before the matches go away.

4. EliteSingles

EliteSingles is the best dating platform if you are looking to date educated singles who are up to par with your standards. This dating site is for mature adults who boast high education levels, thereby increasing your chances of meeting someone you share the same value sets.

The platform has two members’ plans, premium and basic. You won’t spend anything on the basic plan, but you have to deal with limited features. On the other hand, you can opt for a premium membership with payment plans including a tree month fee of $173.85, a six-month fee of $269.70, or a one-off annual fee of $383.40.


5. SilverSingles

SilverSingles is the best app for seniors looking to find love. SilverSingles offers an easy-to-use platform since most seniors are not as tech-savvy as the younger generation. To use the site, you have to go through a personality test, which will be the basis to match you with other mature singles with the same values, beliefs, and passions.

SilverSingles simplifies the formidable challenge that most seniors face: getting a lover in their old age. There are three subscription options: a one-month plan for $54.95, a 3-month plan for $113.85, or the best option of a 6-month plan for $167.70. The downside of the platform is that you have to sign in using a desktop, and the process can take some time, say thirty minutes.


Dating apps are plentiful, with each having unique characteristics. However, most apps or websites have individuals looking for the thrill instead of a committed relationship. It would be best to analyze reviews or listen to what others say about a site you want to try. Also, ensure that the site shares the same values as you do.

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