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How To Maintain Your Model Cars And Keep Them Pristine

Model cars have great value and look aesthetically pleasing, especially to collectors. If you want to keep these models in excellent condition, you must conduct maintenance. Learn more ahead.

How To Maintain Your Model Cars and Keep Them Pristine

Wash Carefully

Diecast models cars are beautiful model vehicles, but they can be fragile. The paint and the metal material are susceptible to damage from chemicals such as soap and bleach, so you’ll want to avoid those products. If you notice a streak or mark, try using a microfiber cloth to buff it away; the fabric won’t cause any change to the model car’s value or erode the paint.

Some diecast models can handle water, but only in small amounts. If you use water, dab the tip of a paintbrush into some water and coat the affected area; then, use the microfiber cloth to remove the dirt mark.


Store at Room Temperature

The moisture in the air may cause corrosion to the model’s exterior, and dryness may cause a loss in its shine. Wherever you put the diecast model, make sure it’s in a place that is at room temperature. You can also use a plastic bag to cover the model car and help maintain it.


Dust and Wax Regularly

Dust is a constant threat to the pristine look of your model car and its maintenance, so dusting is a must if you want to keep it clean. Placing a coating of wax will keep dust from sticking to its exterior. When you apply wax, use a small amount about the size of the tip of your index finger. Make sure to avoid using too much wax on the car.

Model cars are interesting collectibles and plenty of people love and appreciate them. Do your best to maintain your collection and keep your model cars shining like new every single day.

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