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Alternative Cabling For Internet Instead Of Ethernet

People in rural areas don’t always have Ethernet cabling and need to resort to other means for internet access. Some people simply don’t have the money, and there are cheaper alternatives. No matter your situation, you should be able to get internet to some degree wherever you are. Here are just a few alternative cabling methods to connect to the internet instead of Ethernet.

Alternative Cabling for Internet Instead of Ethernet



Powerline cabling is a creative means for providing internet to people out of the range of Ethernet servicing. Cabling like this is one of three or more Ethernet alternatives and a popular one for certain reasons.

Powerline works because there are adapters that plug into your DC wall outlets and through your powerline’s energy source. The electrons that carry the electrical current can also transfer data; this is a data transfer technique that is typically underutilized.



With this style of cabling, you’re offered another choice through adapters. MoCA runs through coaxial cabling that connects to your adapter from your electrical outlets at 2.4 Gbps. It’s pretty basic as far as setups go, where you plug and play. It’s as easy as that.


Fiber Optics

The preferred setup by most people can provide limitless cable lengths, which drives opportunities to greater heights when copper is not enough to get the job done. They can also outperform all other internet services, and they aren’t as susceptible to electrical surges and extreme weather conditions, making them better than Ethernet.



If you choose this installation, you’ll be looking at speeds of 100 Mbps, which isn’t great, but not the worst that’s out there. One of the advantages of having such a connection is that the lines can reach for thousands of feet and not affect the link.

Due to these distances, they cannot improve them. This connection can work through your telephone line, so if you have an older new line, you can utilize it for these purposes.

Here we have listed alternative cabling for internet instead of Ethernet to give you the options of what is available. Feel free to look into these for yourself, as they are all great options and can work in specific circumstances well.

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