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How Does Life Change After You Get A Pet?

Being a pet owner is quite the lifestyle, there’s no doubt about that! You get up early, you have to feed and exercise your pet, and you need to make sure they feel comfortable and safe as much as possible. And let’s face it, that can be hard, especially if you’ve never owned animals before. 

In fact this can turn many people off of getting a pet in the first place. It takes a lot of work and it can sometimes feel like there’s little benefit. However, while your dog or cat may not be able to outwardly appreciate what you do, there’s a wealth of unconditional love there! 

All in all, pets can make such a difference to your life! And if you’re currently thinking about getting a pet of your own but you’re just not sure, make sure you keep the points below in mind during the process. They might just sway you. 


You’ll Be Far More Active Than Before

Owning a pet means you’ll have to be up and about a lot more than you used to be. No longer can you have a lie in on weekends – the dog wants to go out for a walk! The cat also needs feeding and you can hear the rabbit scratching around in their pen. 

When your animals need seeing to, you’ll soon notice yourself becoming healthier too. Being more active on a regular basis (and not twice a week) means your resting heart rate will be lower, you’ll feel stronger, and you’ll rest easier at night too. 

And sometimes you have to make physical changes to your home as well. Your backyard, for example, needs to be safely contained space for your pet to explore. That’ll help you work up a sweat and shake off calories for sure! 


You’ll Make a Few New Friends

Walking your dog (or even your cat!) can net you a few new friends here and there. You’ll meet other owners down the park or at obedience classes and get chatting and soon you’ll be going on puppy or kitten playdates. Being a pet owner makes you much more sociable than you were before, and it’s one of the main reasons taking care of an animal is recommended for people with depression or isolation issues. 

The simple fact is that not only will you get a new four legged friend, but you’ll also get out of the house a lot more often, and who knows what good things could come your way? Your life can feel more full and bright, and you’ll never be as on your own as you were before – that can never be a bad thing! 


Your House Will Be Full of Life

A pet can bring a lot of life into a house, simply because they run by their own rules, even when you’ve trained them well. Cats will get the ‘zoomies’ every now and then and an otherwise calm and obedient dog will have a funny 5 minutes from time to time. You’ve just got to roll with it because you’ll soon find you can’t imagine life without these moments. 

For example, a Brown Labrador will want to always be up on its feet and will run around the house with toys and treats and chasing after the kids. As such, there’s always going to be some noise around you! Your house will feel more alive as a result, and sometimes a bit of noise on an otherwise boring afternoon or evening can be just what you need. 

Even a bird will sing and chirp constantly, as well as happily fly out its cage when you’ve left the door open for them. It can be wonderful stimulation during the day and can even bring you and your animal closer when you get up and get involved. 


You’ll Find You Have a Strong Stomach! 

Pets can be disgusting, let’s not forget that! From time to time they’re going to have irritable bowels and have toilet accidents, and they’re going to throw up every now and then if they’re feeling sick or have simply just eaten too fast. And when you’ve got a cat, you’re going to have to deal with the odd hairball! 

As such, you’ll find you have a much stronger stomach than you’ve ever given yourself credit for. Being able to deal with these incidents is a part of being a pet owner, and you soon learn to deal with poop, pee, and vomit. You might surprise yourself with just how quickly and quietly you’re able to clean up after them – it’s why a lot of people get pets before they have a baby. If you can handle an animal’s needs, it won’t be as hard to expand your family in other ways. 


Your Budget Might Stretch a Little Thin

The above are mostly positive changes, so here’s one that can be a little negative. A pet is going to be expensive, there’s no way around that. You’ve got to buy them a proper bed (or cage if they’re a small animal), you’ll need plenty of toys and exercise equipment, and you’re going to need to bring home food on a regular basis. That can add up to nearly $10,000 per year if you’ve got a big animal like a dog. 

As such, it’s best to restructure the budget around your pet’s needs long before they actually arrive. Take some time to consider what you could thin out in certain areas, and what deals you could get on supplies. Plenty of pet shops have membership programs, for example, where you can score regular discounts on food and treats. 

Getting a pet can bring some very positive and welcome changes into your life. However, make sure you’re in a good place to adopt before you make any moves; a pet is a responsibility for life and it can be hard to backtrack on any pet related decisions once you’ve told the family about them!

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