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Top Career Benefits Of Cracking Microsoft AZ-700 Certification Exam

The 70-410 exam is designed for professionals who want to pursue a career in the cloud computing industry and need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills required for working with Azure networking solutions. The exam is intended for individuals who have essential experience in cloud services, including Azure Portal, Azure Resource Manager templates, Azure PowerShell, and Azure Command-Line interfaces, etc. Passing this test earns you the professional level Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate certification.

So, if you are the one who is preparing for the 70-764  and want to know more about its career benefits, keep reading this article.


#1 You Will Be Able to Stay On Top of Your Game:

The IT industry is evolving rapidly, with innovations emerging daily. As an IT professional, this means you will have to stay on top of your game. If you are well versed in the latest trends and technologies, it can help you make a mark in the industry and open up lucrative career prospects. The Exam-Labs focuses on the latest technologies and recent developments, as it allows professionals to demonstrate their skills and expertise in deploying Azure networking solutions which include routing, connectivity, security, and hybrid networking. Additionally, it takes on how competent you are in creating and implementing Private access to Azure Services.


#2 You Will Have a Competitive Advantage:

The worldwide IT market is competitive, and everyone wants to stay ahead of their peers by acquiring new skills and knowledge. This is why most companies are looking for candidates who possess skills validated by such an IT giant as Microsoft. The certification can be gained after taking the official 70-742 (which is beneficial) and passing the AZ-700 exam. This testifies that you are a qualified professional in your domain and capable to solve the given tasks quickly and efficiently. So, exam AZ-700 is a mark that helps employers understand how valuable you can be for their organization.


#3 Better Career Opportunities:

When organizations hire new employees, they look at all the skills that a candidate possesses; however, one thing they always look for is how well their current employees can handle their daily tasks and how much knowledge they have gained through their experiences. Suppose you crack the 98-366 certification exam. In that case, it will indicate to your employers that you have knowledge of the latest technologies and can adapt to different situations very quickly. So, the position as a Network Engineer will be given to a certified candidate rather than an uncertified one.


#4 Better Networking:

The best thing about being certified in any domain is that it allows you to connect with other professionals working in this field. After passing the AZ-700 exam and getting the certification, you will be able to interact with other professionals and build a network that will help you in your career growth. This will also allow you to stay up-to-date with the recent trends and developments in the field of Azure networking solutions.


#5 Build Your Credibility:

The MS-300 certification exam is a globally recognized standard for information technology professionals. This certification is accepted worldwide and opens new doors to your career. It is proof that you are a real professional in Azure solutions and can perform tasks related to implementing security, connectivity, identity, and governance solutions. This also means that your paycheck will be increased. Thus, according to the Ziprecruiter statistics, your average salary will be about $103,145 per year, still you can earn up to $135,000 per annum by developing your skills.


The Bottom Line

The career benefits you can enjoy after passing the Microsoft AZ-700 exam are numerous and, in many ways, could potentially change the course of your career for the better. If you want to build a successful career in IT and deal with Azure networking solutions and Azure services, then pursuing the Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate certification is what you need right now. Choose this career path and start your journey right now!

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