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Enjoy Watching The Classic Doctor Who Livestream On Twitch

If you love Doctor Who, especially the classic seasons, you have a chance to enjoy watching some classic Doctor Who on Twitch!  Over the next two months on weekdays, BBC and Twitch are partnering to stream Doctor Who’s classic episodes, the episodes that aired between 1963 and 1989, on Twitch.  The marathon will include 500 episodes of Doctor Who.  And will include episodes featuring the Doctors before Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matthew Smith, and Peter Capaldi became the doctor.

Twitch plans to stream eight hours of Doctor Who per day, starting at 1 pm Central, and it will repeat those blocks three times a day for a continuous 24-hour stream.  And you can also be entered to win Doctor Who fan packs if you watch at least 10 minutes of the live stream each day.

If you want to see the stream schedule, click here.  Otherwise, enjoy the stream below!


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