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The Evening Post: My Dogs Do An Easter Egg Hunt – Who Finds The Most Easter Eggs

My Dogs Go Easter Egg Hunting! This is Gone to the Snow Dogs Puppies first Easter, and her first Easter Egg Hunt! Setting up an Easter Egg hunt for your dog is a great game for them! Dogs love to search for things and find things! So allowing them to search for Easter Eggs is a great way to stimulate their minds! For our dog Easter egg hunt we take plastic Easter Eggs and fill them with snacks.

You could also just hide treats! Now remember, always supervise your dog when doing an Easter Egg Search for your dogs. If you are using plastic eggs, you want to make sure they don’t swallow any of the plastic. My dogs are pretty good at popping them open, and then running to the next one, but if you have a dog that wants to chew up the plastic, I advise you just hide a bunch of treats instead. Get out there, and have fun with your dog this Easter!

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