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How To Find An Affordable First Home For Your Family

Everyone wants to be a homeowner at some point in their lives. This usually happens when people are ready to start a family. If this is you, then congratulations. You just need to find an affordable home that fits your budget, which is what you’ll learn about here.


Listing History

If the goal is to find a cheap home in Pennsylvania, one thing you can do is look at the listing history of the home you are interested in. Look for a house that’s been on the market for some time. At some point, the seller might be forced to lower the price or be willing to make a deal with you. To find out how long a house has been on the market, check out the MLS reports. Pay attention to the CDOM number or the number of continuous days on the market.


Ask Around

It may be strange to do so, but you can ask around to find out if anyone is thinking of selling a home. Focus on folks who have been living in the area for some time. Usually, these residents know what’s going on in the neighborhood and could tell you who’s thinking of selling. It might take some time to find someone, but it could work. The goal is to find a motivated seller who will sell directly to you without working with an agent.


Start Knocking

If you can’t ask around, you’ll have to do the next best thing, which is to knock on a few doors. This is incredibly uncomfortable for some people, and you probably won’t get many leads, but it’s possible. You’re looking for a home that looks like it could use a little work, like updates and repairs. It may be that the owner wants to sell but doesn’t have the cash to get the house ready. By offering to buy it as is, you might end up with a cheap house.


Work With an Agent

Trying to find an affordable place can be challenging on your own. While it’s not impossible to find something nice, it’s easier to work with a local real estate agent. In this case, you’re going to want to look for Lehigh Valley real estate agents to guide you through the process. An agent will typically ask what your budget is and work hard to find a house you can afford. You will want to find someone who is going to search for your perfect future home, and have insider information you aren’t privy to.


Alternative Housing

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to just think outside the box a bit. This means considering a home that isn’t exactly what you might be dreaming about. Maybe you can’t afford a normal house just yet. Maybe you need a condominium.

Granted, it has to be large enough for your family, but this could work. These can be more affordable than the regular picket fence home many dream about. If not that, then consider a manufactured home on its own land. These are cheaper, yet they are still houses. Some of these look just as nice or better than regular homes.


Beyond the Area

People looking to buy a home are usually looking in a specific area. This could be where you work or grew up. While it makes sense that you are looking here, if you want to find a deal, you might have to look elsewhere. You may need to consider small cities or towns near you. Some of these will be far from the city, but they could save you a lot of money. Be sure to stay away from small towns or cities where the median household income is high. More than likely these homes will be too much. This will work better for people who don’t need to go to work every day.



These are some things you can do to find something affordable, but there are other things to do, like considering foreclosed properties. You will have to do some research and work to get a deal. When you are looking for a deal, remember that patience can pay off in the end.

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