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Top Gift Ideas For The Chess Geek In Your Life

Chess is a game that millions of people worldwide enjoy playing and has been a popular pastime for over six centuries.

These days, folks can traditionally play chess using a chessboard, or they can do so on computers and mobile phone apps to even play against computer opponents.

You’re probably reading this blog post today because you’ve got a friend or loved one that enjoys playing chess in their spare time.

They’ve likely got a birthday or an anniversary coming up or some other reason for celebration, and you want to buy them a chess-related gift.

However, you’re not sure what to buy them – especially as chess probably isn’t your thing! Don’t despair because there are many chess-related gift ideas you can consider! Take a look at these ideas for some inspiration:

Themed Chess Set

You might be thinking to yourself that a chess set is a pointless gift because the chess player in your life already has one. They might even have several! But have they also got a themed chess set?

If the answer is no, you should start looking at themed chess sets and find one that you think they would love the most. There are many examples available to buy, so it’s just a case of finding the perfect theme to result in the perfect gift.


Chess Clock

Is the chess player in your life serious about their pastime? If so, you should know that all die-hard chess fans have at least one chess clock in their possession!

A chess clock is ideal for hobbyists and pro players alike, and there are several varieties you can consider as a gift idea.

For example, you can buy a digital chess clock, which is easy to set, or you can consider an analog one, which is what many pro chess players would have at home.


Chess Book

As with anything in life, mastering the game of chess is something that requires a lot of practice, dedication, and education.

The chess player in your life might be a beginner or a seasoned chess enthusiast. But, one thing’s for sure: they can never have enough knowledge and education.

You might not know it, but there are plenty of chess books out there that seek to educate new and experienced players alike on how to play chess the right way.

If possible, try and determine through some subtle means whether the chess player in your life already has the book you’re thinking of buying them or not.



If you’re not familiar with chess, one fact about the game is that you need a scorebook whenever you play in tournaments.

A scorebook is an excellent way for chess players to keep track of their moves in each game, and they can study them afterward to learn how they can avoid making certain mistakes in the future.

Instead of just using a simple paperback notebook, treat that special someone to a gold leaf, luxury hardback scorebook. It’s a practical gift that you know they will love and use.


U.S. Chess Federation Membership

The U.S. Chess Federation is undoubtedly the organization that all chess players serious about their game will join. Being a member of the U.S. Chess Federation offers many benefits, including access to tournaments where you can play against other members.

You could give a U.S. Chess Federation membership to your loved one, and there are several membership options you can consider.

Take a look at the U.S. Chess Federation website for more details, such as membership prices, and to discover the advantages that such an exclusive membership can offer.


Funny Chess T-Shirt

What if you’ve thought about the prior gift ideas but decided that none of them are good, either because the chess player in your life already has them or because you don’t think they are relevant?

Don’t worry, because there are some other alternative options you can consider. For example, if you know your loved one enjoys wearing humorous t-shirts, you could gift them a funny chess t-shirt!


Chess Piece USB Flash Drive

Last but not least, does the chess player in your life use a computer each day – either at home or for work? If so, they will likely need to store data like documents, images, or other media on USB flash drives to transfer between computers.

With that in mind, one technology-centric chess-related gift you could buy for them is a chess piece USB flash drive.

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