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Why Ethernet Cable Termination Is Important

Ethernet cable installation is anything but simple; cables can stream throughout buildings and offices and get mixed in with other lines, which is why you need a good organizational system. If the line is terminated, however, you can limit it to one office or one point of reference.

Why Ethernet Cable Termination Is Important

No matter your case, Ethernet cable termination is important for many reasons, but here we just outline a few common areas that are typically the reason behind termination.


Exact Lengths

With cable termination, you can control the exact length of cable you’re using. This will keep things organized and safe because you won’t have wires everywhere you look.

Cable termination allows you to clamp and cut the wire at the exact spot that you need, then secure them away so that they’re not all over your desk or floor.


Cable Management

When you’re in a larger office, you’ll have many cables for different functions, so it’s good to be able to identify which one is your Ethernet cable. When you terminate cables, they’re easier to identify—not just by the cut but also because you can form the cables to your specifications.

You can dress and label your cables however you want to identify what and where they are. You will also need to figure out which kind of termination to use based on your own specifications.


Money Savings

With the ability to terminate Ethernet cables, you will certainly save money (and headaches). Ethernet cables are not cheap, especially if you’re in the market for the standard CAT5.

These can get pricey depending on the amount of cable you need and the strength of the cable. With cable termination, you’ll know exactly how much you need and can manage your spending better.

If you find yourself needing to rewire or fix existing problems with the cables around your home or office, then you now understand why Ethernet cable termination is important.

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