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Top 5 Most Popular Media Channels In The USA

The United States has always been on the top in visual media. The television network of the US has a global impact that is hard to deny. They produce and broadcast a wide range of TV series, reality shows, sitcoms, and news worldwide. And judging by the global consumption of the American media, we must admit they are popular.

The streaming networks, OTT platforms, and the internet reign the entertainment world. Even in the prolific era of the internet, the US TV channels have not only been able to keep their religious audiences in their grips, but they are also able to sustain themselves and grow steadily.

Entertainment, sports, news, reality shows, these media channels don’t lack in any of these categories. ESPN, NBC, CBS are some of the biggest names in the global media channel list.  Some of these channels are home to the biggest serial entrepreneurs. They showcase a varied range of TV programs featuring creative professionals like singers, actors, fashion designers, etc.

So, we have dedicated this article to explaining the top media channels in the USA. Here, we will talk about the five most famous TV channels in the USA.

Top Media Channels In The US

The US media channels gather millions of viewership. Even in the competitive TV market, their viewership has remained healthy and growing. We have listed these TV channels based on their respective viewership and audience. So, here are the five USA Tv channels-


1. CBS

CBS or Columbia Broadcasting Service is one of the biggest TV networks in the US. The Name company has been around since 1928. The company’s trademark or Logo has an Eye as its symbol. It is often referred to as the Eye Network because of the Logo. The company was founded in Chicago.

The TV network is currently based in New York City. CBS has an average viewership of 7.14 million. National Amusement, Inc. has the holding of Columbia Broadcasting Service.

CBS has aired lots of popular shows over the years. Some of the most famous TV shows on

CBS are Star Trek, Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, Survivor, Criminal Minds, etc.


2. NBC

Also based in New York City, NBC or The National Broadcasting Company is another famous TV media of the USA. It is a commercial broadcasting network that broadcasts its content in the American English language.

The TV Network has a simplified peacock as its Logo or the trademark. Because of the peacock logo, the US citizens call it the Peacock Network. The network came into being in 1956 with an early version of color broadcasting. Later in 1986, the peacock became the official emblem of the company.

NBC airs lots of entertaining shows to their audiences. Some of their most famous shows include Law & Order, Resident Alien, American Auto, Kenan, etc. The NBC channel has a viewership of 6.36 million. Currently, Comcast has possession of this large TV network.


3. ABC

ABC or the American Broadcasting Company is another star in the US media channel list. The company began as a radio network back in 1943. It is the flagship property of the Walt Disney company. The headquarters of the ABC is situated in Burbank, California.

Just like the previous two networks, ABC also has a funny nickname. Again, this is because of the Logo of the network. American Broadcasting Network is also called the Alphabet network because the first three letters of the alphabet are its Logo.

ABC airs the GOod Doctor, The rookie, The Bachelorette, Queens, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. the ABC shows are extremely popular. The network has a viewership of 5.38 million.


4. Fox

Fox owns the next position after the big three of the US TV networks. Fox broadcasting network has been around since 1986. BasFox Corporation. The broadcasting company maintains numerous entertainment TV channels across the globe.

Unfortunately, there is no fox logo for this TV channel like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Fox has been famous globally for its multiple entertainment and news shows. WWE, The Walking Dead, The Resident, Joe Million, Thursday Night Sports are some of the famous shows on this channel.

The channel  offers TV serials, celebrity gossip and  much more to 4.62 million viewers on average.



Another TV network based in the USA is ESPN. The name is the abbreviated form of Entertainment And Sports Programming Network. Walt Disney owns the company. Walt Disney holds 80% of the company, while Hearst Communication owns 20%.

All types of sports get broadcasted on ESPN. In addition, it broadcasts international sports programs across 200 countries. ESPN was established in 1979. Because of the variety of sports, ESPN is dear to sports lovers and has an average viewership of around 2 million.



The USA media channels dominate the global TV networks. They have valid reasons for their claimed positions. All of these TV networks provide:

  • Genuine and premium quality entertainment.
  • Sports.
  • News to their global audiences.

CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and ESPN have the most global viewership in the world. Apart from these media channels like Mediatakeout, HGTV, MSNBC, USA Network, etc are also popular in the USA.

We hope you get your required information about the USA media channels to form this article.



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