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5 Tips To Rank Your Practice #1 On SERP By SEO For Dentists

Dental practitioners quickly understand the importance of marketing their practices online. They’re redesigning their websites to stay connected with patients and reach new ones; some of them are adopting new marketing strategies to get more visitors online. But what is SEO for dentists? Here’s a simple translation: dentist SEO services can help push your website up higher in search engine results, drive more traffic to your website, and get new patients through your door.”

Gone are when people searched for yellow pages, but now they go online. Today, people don’t look beyond the first page of results, so sites that don’t rank high on search engines are ignored. Here, you’ll get an overview of dentist SEO and why you need it for your dental practice, as well as a few SEO tips to get you started:

Add Relevant Keywords

Dental SEO companies hone in on your “money” keywords and then work from there by inserting related keywords. In addition, you must do this without optimizing the content. Google knows when you’re trying to manipulate its search engine algorithm by inserting keywords unnaturally.

Say you are located in New York, you plan on optimizing your dental website’s home page. For example, you can target keywords like “dentist New York,” and some related keywords might be “New York teeth whitening” and “quality dental care in “quality dental care in New York.”



When you integrate headings (H1, H2, etc.) in your content, this makes your website pass the Google algorithm test. It also develops a more user-friendly interface, which is important to engage and convert new patients.


Internal Linking

Linking to other pages on site provides multiple benefits. To begin with, it enhances engagement by being visible to visitors. Then, it helps search engines rank multiple pages of your site easily.

For example, if you mention teeth whitening on your main services page, ensure you link internally to your dedicated teeth whitening page.


Outbound Links

Linking out to other websites within your niche is a relevancy signal to Google. Dental SEO companies also link to websites that focus on your local community. This will help you rank for local-based keywords, besides to dental-related keywords you’re trying to rank for.



Citations mention your dental practice via name, address, and phone number, also known as NAP. When you build citations across the web by getting listed in relevant directories, you get listed on the GMB (Google My Business) page, which we’ve already covered.

There are infinite business directories that you can get listed in to help you rank higher in Google.


Wrapping Up

High search engine rankings through dental website SEO don’t automatically mean new patients. Aggressive attempts at securing links or overly-optimized websites can negatively affect the rankings.

SEO for dentists will help your website stand the test of time, painstakingly quality traffic that converts into new patients.

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