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How To Get Germs Off Your Cell Phone Effectively

Constantly reaching into your pocket for your phone opens the door for airborne contagion and other forms of microbes to attach themselves to it. Thus, understanding how to get germs off your cell phone effectively will help keep you from getting sick.

How To Get Germs off Your Cell Phone Effectively

Use Cleaning Devices

Investing in germ-killing machines is an excellent way to ensure your devices are free from germs. For example, a UV sanitizer destroys nearly every germ it touches. The beautiful thing about having a UV sanitizer is that it can effectively clean almost any device. It’s also one of the best pieces of equipment for disinfecting health-related items, like a CPAP machine.


Only Use Microfiber Cloths

Your phone is a delicate device that requires the gentle touch of a microfiber cloth. If you have a pair of glasses at home, the odds are you have a microfiber cloth in a drawer somewhere. This cloth eliminates oils, fingerprints, and smudges from the screen without scratching it the way a paper towel or rough rag would. You can rub vigorously with a microfiber cloth without making blemishes.


Find the Right Formula

Using that cloth does the trick for making your phone’s screen look bright and shiny. However, you need alcohol and water to wipe away all the germs. The vital aspect of this step is finding wipes or sprays that aren’t 100 percent alcohol. These types of wipes will destroy any coating on your phone. The sweet spot is around 70 percent alcohol, and putting that on a microfiber cloth will vanquish any microorganisms.


Keep the Phone Out of the Bathroom

The best strategy for getting germs off your phone is not having it in an environment where bacteria thrive. Most people have the habit of scrolling, looking at memes, or texting while doing their business, but we all need to stop it. No matter how thoroughly you wash your hands, you already put your phone in a compromising position.

Everyone should disinfect and clean their phone every day. While that may seem unrealistic, knowing how to get germs off your cell phone effectively can be the starting point of making it a habit.

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