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How Physical Marketing Tactics Can Amplify Your Reach

Digital marketing is overwhelmingly popular these days and often takes the place of conventional marketing for many businesses. Some companies treat physical marketing as a thing of the past and focus on getting the attention of their customers through online marketing by way of company websites, social media, and pay-per-click advertising. However, traditional methods for promoting products and services are still relevant today. While digital marketing is certainly a necessity in today’s business world, there are still some ways you can reach consumers using tried-and-true methods to boost your client base.

Effective marketing campaigns often involve a combination of conventional and updated tactics to attract people to your physical store or website. Here are a few practical ways that physical marketing tactics can amplify your reach.

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The Benefits of Traditional Marketing

If you’re thinking of adding more physical promotional tactics to your business plan, here are some of the benefits that come with using conventional advertising to let customers know how much you value your business.


Brand Recognition

This is one of the most significant benefits of marketing, both digitally and traditionally. Most people are on their computers for the majority of the day. If they can see your brand logo or a link to your website throughout the day, they are more likely to develop an interest in the products and services you have to offer. You can also use online product demos and videos of customers giving you positive reviews to increase brand recognition.



Everyone likes getting something tangible from a business they patronize often, even if they make most of their purchases online. Getting a tangible item from your company allows the consumer to create a connection to your business. You can’t accomplish this with online ads or even with interactive website features. Giving your customers something they can use every day is a practical way to keep customers engaged. It’s also a good idea to use a USPS address verification API to make sure you have the correct addresses for your customers. This ensures that the promotional gifts you send will go to the right place.

You can also incorporate physical marketing into your digital advertising by sending branded items like coffee mugs, pens, or hats to loyal customers. Adding a free gift in with a purchase will send the message that you are committed to customer satisfaction.


Physical Marketing Materials You Can Use

Physical advertising tactics are more likely to resonate with your customer. You can use items like:


Print Ads

Print ads are often easier to understand and increase brand recognition for months or even years. Some customers tend to skim over digital ads since they see them throughout the day, so print ads can make your company appear more trustworthy. People tend to believe ads they see in their mailbox or the newspaper a little more, even though digital marketing is much more popular.


Business Cards

If you’re at a trade show or networking event, don’t forget to hand out your business card. This is often the first piece of marketing material you’ll give to a potential customer. Be sure your card has all the necessary information, such as the full name of your business, your logo, and all relevant contact information. Make sure the business cards are visually appealing as well. Studies indicate that 72% of people still form an opinion about a business from the look of the company’s business card.


Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards will stand out in the mail since the customer won’t have to turn any pages. The colors and font you use can make the card more noticeable as well. Include any sales or promotions you’re having, as well as your contact information, so customers can easily get in touch with you if you’re offering something they’re interested in.

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to focus on quality instead of quantity. Digital ads are abundant, but physical marketing is still viewed as high-quality. Your graphic design is essential with physical marketing tools. You want people to learn more about your business and to see your company as professional. Splurge for high-quality graphics when you can so you can make a great first impression.

Just because we live in a digital world doesn’t mean that you can’t reach your customers with physical marketing. Incorporating modern methods with advertising tactics that have been proven to work can get you one step closer to appealing to your demographic and making more lucrative sales.

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