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5 Ways You Can Show Support For Feminism

This is the twenty-first century. Women’s rights should be deeply embedded in our culture, in business, and in all issues throughout the world. It is very discouraging to see that this is not the case. Why aren’t women’s rights and feminism things we should be taking for granted? This is not only a puzzling issue but one that should have been resolved in the last century.

On the road to where you must be are steps that people can take to help you get there. They include:

1.     Raise your voice

It is not only women who must speak up. All people, regardless of gender, must talk about the subject. In particular, women can help advance the cause understanding that what they say has importance to it. You should trust your voice to believe that what you are saying is true and it has value for all. If people tell you that it is inappropriate and ‘unfeminine’ to speak out, do not accept that. You have the right to speak your truth.

Melissa Etheridge, singer, and songwriter has said, “I am constantly amazed at how courageous and radical speaking the truth is. The most activist thing you can do is just speak the truth and search for the truth and just follow that trail.”


2.     Openly share your inner thoughts

Don’t be afraid to stand out. You can share your opinions by what you wear proudly, without fear. You can buy various pieces of apparel, tee-shirts, sweatshirts and the like that express your thoughts for all to see. Along this same line, you can buy these things from websites that donate some or all their profits to feminist causes. Show your support by wearing feminist graphic tees to support other women who share your feminist philosophy.


3.     Don’t worry about being liked

If people around you object to what you have to say, you can do a number of things. Find new people with whom to surround yourself or don’t fight with those who differ from your opinions. You won’t win an argument and you will never change the minds of some people so just know that what you are saying is correct and the others are wrong.


4.     Get involved

Don’t stand on the sidelines and wait for others to do the work. If you see a way to join the movement, go ahead and do it. Run for an election, school board, town or city council or something even more aspirational. If that’s not something with which you are comfortable, then get involved in another way. Support female candidates at all levels by donating or working on their campaigns.


5.     Educate the next generation

If you are old enough, you can remember the time before women had reproductive rights granted to them in Roe v. Wade. Women born in the fifties had to fight for those rights and fight very hard. Some even had to suffer through illegal and back alley procedures. Women who are younger then were able to do as they wanted or needed to with their own bodies. The threats are now prevalent and this generation can learn from their mothers and grandmothers that they have rights and must be allowed to exercise them.

Women of the younger generations can do something better than their elders. They can engage in conversations on social media and spread the word. They know how to reach out to others who are like-minded from around the globe and share insights with each other. Movements like #MeToo and #Time’s Up have brought women together across the miles and facilitated sharing, offering sympathy and empathy and spreading messages of truth.

Efforts to empower women have been going on for generations. Despite the fact that it is unfathomable that our goals have not been reached, women and their supporters continue the fight to reach full equality in legal issues, in business, and frequently in everyday life. There are many additional ways to support feminism. Go out and find the ones that work for you and share your principles to help the world reach that goal.

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