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Explore 15 Tips To Improve Paper Writing Skills

Writing a paper is as much an art as a science, so it’s important that students do what they can to build a wide range of essay writing skills so they have a wide palette to choose from when creating the masterpiece that is their next essay. But not every student knows the best way to approach a given paper or the right way to grow their paper-writing skills. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at fifteen tips to help you develop your paper-writing skills so your next essay can be the very best essay possible.

Where the Essay Writing Problem Starts

But before we begin, let’s discuss why students need to build writing skills. Over time, the number of essays students in college are being asked to write has increased markedly, but the amount of training that students receive in the art of essay writing has declined before they arrive at school. This is because so many high schools are now teaching to the test and deemphasizing advanced essay writing skills. As a result, the majority of students entering college are now required to complete either a remedial writing course or an introductory college writing course in order to gain college-level writing skills.


Evergreen and Surprising Tips on Improving Writing Skills

So what can you do to help improve your writing skills? Here are 15 tips:

  • Always read the assignment. It might sound obvious, but reading the assignment all the way through is one of the most important ways to ensure a strong final product. You need to be sure that you understand each requirement so you don’t miss anything important while developing your assignment. If you aren’t sure or are unclear about anything, ask your instructor.
  • Always read the rubric. The rubric gives you a map to the essay and explains how your instructor will grade your paper. It’s basically a cheat sheet telling you exactly what you need to do in order to get the highest grade on your assignment. You need to be sure you have read and understand the rubric before you write your paper.
  • Write when you’re fresh. In order to write the best essays, it’s important to write when you have the most energy and best attention span. For most students, that’s going to be in the morning after a good night’s sleep. This will help you to write more efficiently.
  • Avoid distractions. Essay writing goes fastest when you can focus on your work. Avoid distractions while you write so you can keep your focus on your writing. Turn off your phone or silence notifications and try to work without the TV on or too much outside noise.
  • Familiarize yourself with citation formats. Different essays will have different citation formatting requirements and styles. To help make the writing process go faster, you should try to familiarize yourself with the most popular formatting requirements so you don’t have to stop to look up requirements repeatedly as you write.
  • Use only black text. Many students think that using multiple colors will make their papers look more attractive. Unless you’re in a graphic design course, stick with plain black text to give your essays a professional academic look.
  • Use only one font and size. Essays should be written in a standard font and size, typically a standard serifed font such as Times New Roman, Times, or Georgia. You should not use a size larger than 12 or smaller than 10 to write your essay. 
  • Use standard 1” margins unless directed otherwise. Unless the assignment or a required style guide says otherwise, use standard margins for your paper. You will not fool anyone by expanding the margins in the hope of making your paper look longer. Instructors will notice.
  • Sleep on it. If you are facing a tough essay challenge, try giving it a good night’s sleep. When you are well rested, you’ll be more likely to be able to come up with a solution. After all, sleeping gives your brain a chance to rest and gives you a break from your stress so you can reset.
  • Use a professional writing service. Getting professional help from a paper writing service like can make a major difference in your writing process. An expert essay writer can create a custom paper that will show you the right way to approach any essay so you’ll always know your next step. 
  • Outline before you write. While it might seem like busywork, using an outline before you write can give you an edge when it comes to creating a strong paper because you’ll work out all the kinks and snags before you start writing.
  • Save the introduction for last. Writing the introduction can be challenging, but it’s often easier to get it right on the first try if you save the introduction for last so you can use your conclusion to point the way.
  • Eat brain-boosting snacks. Writing an essay goes faster when you are neither too hungry nor too full. Eat healthy snacks to boost your nutrition and your focus before you write.
  • Don’t forget transitions. Show the reader how parts of the essay connect to one another with the use of transition words and phrases between paragraphs to link everything together.
  • Finally, just relax. Staying calm and remembering that no one essay is likely to make or break your entire life will help the words come out more smoothly.


Extra Solutions for Your Essay Writing Crisis

We don’t know your situation, so we don’t know what exactly would work and not work for you here. Still, we want to offer two more solutions. First, you can decide that you cannot be good at everything and focus only on assignments that are worth your attention (considering the further educational and career path you choose). You still need to submit other tasks, but you can consciously relax and write it at a level that is enough just to have it approved. In many cases you just don’t need those straight A’s. Another option you have is to delegate some of your tasks to a professional writing service. This way you will both receive help with tasks and examples of college writing that can be valuable for dealing with your further assignments. Such an approach will give you some space for a maneuver as you can decide more freely where to invest your energy and time. We need to emphasize that these solutions are just some additional options, and to succeed, you need to develop your writing skills in college and beyond. Use the list of tips given above and you will proceed rather fast. Don’t try to apply all of them at once though. 

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