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The Anatomy Of Popular Types Of Blog Posts – And Why They Convert

Blogging is a popular business that’s gaining importance every day. While many of us may have grown up thinking of blogs as online diaries, they’re actually one of the most essential elements in any company’s content marketing strategies.

No matter what kind of blog post you’re adept at, you probably want to see it do one thing: convert. What’s that now? A blog post converts its readers into loyal audiences. When you have the attention of a certain group of people, you can influence them in one way or another.

This sort of influence is invaluable in the ultra-connected world we live in today.

So what kinds of blog posts give you the most ROI? Turns out there are quite a few! Let’s take a look at some of them below.


Want to educate your audience about carrying out a specific task or an activity that requires careful consideration? That’s when how-to blog posts help you engage them. This could involve telling them tips for hiring an online marketing agency, making a DIY robot, or even training a dog.

Why this works: the how-to post builds up the reader-blogger relationship. You’re imparting valuable information here that they would probably need at some point. Plus, you can keep things interesting by documenting your own experiences, experiments (successful and failed), and little stories along the way.

When readers are interested in your explanation, they’ll spend more time on your site and hence boost your website’s rankings.

You can even offer some products or services for sale within your post, such as the tools you’re using for a certain DIY project. This will help rake in that coveted revenue.


The Short One

Shorties’ or short blog posts could be highly effective, even if they aren’t as detailed as longer ones. Neil Patel may have 2000+ words on an average blog post, but the concept of writing short posts isn’t far behind in popularity: paragraphs containing three sentences are good to go.

Besides, 3 to 4 paragraphs for each post are sufficient for conveying valuable information to the readers.

Shorter blog posts may not satisfy the readers in one go, but they definitely do make an impression.

It’s easy to ramble on about a concept for several thousand words. To compress it into a well-written short post—that requires a lot of talent. But you should make sure to post every single day so your target audience don’t get bored. This means uploading a short, nice, and juicy post within 24 hours—that’s what makes the shorties work.


On the other end of the blog post spectrum, long-form content can help the newbies get a standing in this industry. Longer content can give a lot of information in one go while benefiting from SEO-optimized keywords at the same time.

Long-form posts get into a subject or idea and talk about it at length. They’d also usually be posted a few times a month at the most.

Why this works: long posts comprise of detailed content that has ample potential to convert its audience. This is the sort of content that loyal readers want to see. They’ll also be staying on your site for longer when reading such posts. This is exactly what you need to drive up your rankings!

That way, Google Analytics will accept your blog as something to be reckoned with, and you’ll hopefully be on your way to success.


The Niche

Writing a blog post about something intensely specified and unique works wonders for some bloggers. You focus on a very narrow topic and speak about that alone. For instance, you could talk about trying out keto recipes at home without breaking the bank.

Why this works: with a specific niche to aim for, you know just who your audience is and how to attract them. For the example above, you need to make sure every recipe, tip, and anecdote is keto-friendly or related to the keto diet in some way.

Another major reason to pursue niche blog posts is that you may gain a living from your passion. There are a lot of people out there who’d share even the most obscure of interests. If you manage to find them, your blog posts could convert your readers to subscribers almost immediately.

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