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Home Customization Options Your Family Should Consider

Whether you’re building a new home or updating your current house, now is the time to add simple customizations that can greatly increase your quality of life. Your upgrades can be as simple as power ports in exactly the right space, a storage hub in your entryway or custom storage in built-in lofted shelving.

An Entryway With Storage

If the majority of your entry and exits happen between the garage and the house, make sure you have quality storage at that entryway. You may find that your young children need custom-height hooks for coats and backpacks. You may want to add lockers or customizable storage cupboards so everyone has a spot to stash their gear before bed. While setting this space up, consider adding;

  • low-voltage power ports for charging phones, tablets and laptops
  • a hygiene station for disinfecting electronics
  • a shoe drop-off to reduce dirt and dust tracked in from outdoors

This is also a great spot to store pet leashes and workout shoes.


Closets With Shelving Built In

Vinyl-coated wire shelving in every closet in the house can make it much easier to store bulky items such as sweatshirts, sweaters and jeans. If you’ve always kept a bureau in the closet for foldable items, the shelving can save you trouble. Finally, consider customizing a closet in an office or a guest room with storage for;

  • craft projects
  • gift wrapping
  • children’s art projects

With a designated space for these fun, artistic projects, you can enjoy crafting in a finite, temperate space.


Off-Grid Power and Heating Options

Recent world events have made it clear that having some access to off-grid power and heat can greatly reduce your worries as temperatures drop or as storm season draws closer. This may be as simple as adding solar to your home and investing in a fireplace, or you may choose to add a fireplace insert, a pellet hopper, and enough solar power and batteries to keep your family safe and warm in the event of a major weather event.

Even if you never plan to invest in running your entire house off-grid, having some options in place to keep your house warm in the event of a radical weather issue can be quite beautiful. Many fireplace inserts have clear glass doors as well as increasing your wood-burning efficiency.


An Exercise Space

Carefully review the options you will need in an exercise space. Mats on the floor will be nice, but make sure you also talk with your NC custom home builders about anything extra you may be wanting. For example, charging ports for your phone, a high television mount for your favorite aerobics class or yoga video, and insulation options to keep the sound from your exercise space from spreading to nearby rooms.

Carefully review the exercises you would like to try in your space. For example, if anyone in your family is over 6 feet tall, you may need a taller ceiling in this space if you plan to put in ceiling fans. Consider also adding a cushion to the floor before putting down the top layer of workout room flooring to reduce impact on joints.


High Storage/Built-In Storage

If you are enamored of the tiny house movement, you’ve probably noticed the very pretty high shelving and storage lofts featured in many tiny houses. If you love a cozy feeling in your dining room or sleeping areas, consider adding high shelving and storage options to your new design or your new home. You can easily get these added with;

  • crown molding
  • custom metal brackets
  • rustic supports

If you’re considering painting anyway, bring in a carpenter to hang a decorative, deep shelf all the way around the top of a room. If this doesn’t appeal, consider turning a doorway wall into built-in storage. You can leave some open for books and games, add doors to some cabinets to reduce clutter, and add glass cabinet doors and lights for more decorative storage items.



Often, the simplest touch can make a space much easier to enjoy. If you’re interested in a new house, think about your favorite spot to relax. What makes it so soothing? Talk to your builder or contractor about adding these features to your living space.

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