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Explore Useful Apps For Traveling Geeks

There is a huge misconception that your typical Alabama geek has no interest in anything that does not involve comics, games, movies, music, and gadgets.  In fact, you will find countless geeks among the 35% of Americans who are planning to travel more during the course of 2022. As invigorating as planning can be, it can also be somewhat overwhelming, especially if it is not something you engage in on a regular basis. Luckily, there are a multitude of amazing apps available to help you plan and execute your trip. Let’s have a look at just a few of the many wonderful apps available to traveling geeks.

Packpoint Ensures Nothing is Left Behind

While traveling is undoubtedly exciting, packing for your trip may evoke a completely different set of emotions.  Cue Packpoint, a nifty app that taps into all the finer details of your trip including the destinations, the activities you have signed up for, and the duration of your stay. Using this info, the app compiles a very comprehensive list of items to pack ranging from socks and underwear to your phone charger and prescription medication.  The user can check items off the list as they pack or simply swipe to remove anything they don’t need.  Packpoint is available free on both Android and iPhone. The premium version is ad-free and provides custom activities and integration with Evernote and Triplt.


Find Great Places with the Foursquare City App Guide

The Foursquare City App Guide makes it super easy to find super places to eat and drink alongside other things to do on your trip. The app saves your history and allows you to conduct searches using a range of filters which makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Foursquare is free on iPhone and Android and is particularly useful if you are visiting foreign destinations. If you are really adventurous, you can throw caution to the wind and choose your travel destination with the help of a random country generator. Although you can keep using the generator until you land in a country you are happy with, it will be much more fun to leave your trip to chance.


FlightRadar24 will Keep You in the Loop

If you are looking for an app that does for planes what Google Maps does for road traffic, FlightRadar24 should be at the top of your to-download list. Not only does the app allow you to see flights from around the world in real-time on your phone or tablet, but it also provides flight details such as time of departure and arrival, route, speed, and altitude.  There is one feature that is bound to impress a true geek even more. By simply pointing your device to a plane in the sky you can find out exactly what type of plane it is, where it is coming from and where it is headed to.  The app is therefore not only handy to help you stay on track with your own flight reservations, but also educational and highly entertaining too.

Traveling can be a very geeky activity to engage in. This is especially true when there are a range of cool apps to use that will make your travels simpler and more enjoyable.

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